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The Crossing is Looking for Players

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Fifth edition not doing it for you anymore? The crossing has you covered chummer.

We have a game of sixth edition waiting for you!

The user is fresh off of their last successful game of Sixth Edition and is looking for more quality players to delve the shadows with them.

Hope to see you there!

I think the link might be broken... try this one for the 6E game :)

Stormy Waters: Dark Nights based loosely on 30 Nights

Hey wait is the Dumpshock forum thing? Are you still doing that?

Jack still has a game on DS, if you're referring to Tangled Currents, that would appear to be no more  :-\

I hope he's still recruiting. Dang finding a Shadowrun game seems to be like looking for unicorns. Except more evidence exists that favor unicorns.


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