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>>>>>[First part of the run is me hacking my fixer's commlink to get a sense of direction to find our Johnson on the matrix. I know people that can get me a shit ton with only a little info but I still need the little. I know for a fact this guy is too paranoid to delete shit. He keeps records of all us in case he needs them. He is a paranoid asshole and has a Transys Avalon so I will need to get him detained or unconcious before I do this. He works with other Technomancers so he has taken precautions and hired a couple of bodyguards. Dwarf Decker and a Troll with an AK-97 to keep him when he is in the open. The gangs keep his territory safe and I'd rather my chances be against 3 then trying to sneak into an apartment complex. But thats just me and stealth isnt my strong suit. What can you all do?]<<<<<
 -- Scatter (09:30:40/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Need an address, physical descrip of Johnson if you have one. Can do physical reconnaissance. Will look for guards, back doors anything helpful to us and him/her. What gangs are in the area? Maybe I can pull a few strings and get us a favor.]<<<<<
                                             --Black Bart (21:34:22/01-24-78)

>>>>>[Guarded by the Troll Killers. Struck a deal with the landlord. I guess if you wanna call it that. You think you can strike a deal?]<<<<<
    -- Scatter (09:45:17/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Well can't say I wouldn't try if it was my last option, but I think I'll stick to Recon.]<<<<<
                              --Black Bart (21:48:15/01-24-78)

>>>>>[I can get us some stick n shock if we wanna snipe them in the open.]<<<<<
    -- Vexboy (09:58:21/01-24-78)

>>>>>[Name is Trustworthy. Sorry I am late. So we gotta take down these guys to save some girls and collect 1000000? Thats this guys savings or something if I read the article correctly.]<<<<<
    -- Trustworthy (10:00:00/09-24-78)

>>>>>[Not for long. I don't have anything for long range like a rifle. You got one Black Bart?]<<<<<
    -- Scatter (10:01:09/01-24-78)


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