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Hoi Chummers, welcome to the Jialong Data Haven!

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<ooc> this is a place for our group to post in character after-action reports, personal development and backgrounder info and intra-session RP. Please mark any out of character posts with <ooc> at the start of the post.

Tog was pleasantly surprised the Tiny had agree to such a large loan, $160,000 Nuyen wasn't chump change. He had the put the money to work and was now laid up in a Decko's ‘ware clinic recovering from surgery that had implanted a whole drek load of systems simultaneously, probably the most ’ware Tog had had installed at once. And all of it amazingly useful…

It would take quite a while to recover, combined with the time he needed to complete his initiation he would be offline for about 3 months.
He just hoped the team would still be around when he was operational again, 3 months was a long time on the street…Like

Fun with Vocal Modulators..
It took a while to source such a high quality modulator but man has it been worth it. Out drinking the other night Tog mimicked the voice of a large orc sat at the bar to continuously order drinks from the robo-barkeep on his tab. The 30 year old Glenlivet must have put quite the shock on the tusker when he cashed out at the end of the night.

The past few months had been at once grueling and boring. With all his waking hours spent recovering from multiple surgeries and completing his initiate training with the magically active members of the Toastmasters he barely had enough time to call out for food.
Which made it all the more surprising when he found himself with enough time to run out to the gun range for an hour and pop caps into some paper and gel targets.
As the array of targets popped out and swung towards him in randomized sequences he fired his weapon dry, reloaded and emptied a second clip without thinking much about what he was doing. The synergy between his recently installed third layer of Cyberdyne Muscle Toner, Gene-netics Reflex Recorder and his magically enhanced agility all conspired to render conscious thought mostly irrelevant. When he looked up all of the 12 targets, spread out across a 60 meter range, were shot through the bullseye. Tog was impressed, he should have tipped Decko more,

<ooc> this is the magical group Jiao might be interested in joining ;-)

International Order of the Toastmasters
Members (est.): 2000+
Dues: 100¥/year
Areas of expertise: The use of magical abilities to enhance public speaking in the 6th world. This encompasses research into the use of spells, adept abilities, foci, summoning, possession and any other magical enhancements to the art of social interaction.
Formed in 2053 by a splinter group of the commonplace mundane public speaking group Toastmasters International the International Order of the Toastmasters is now a completely separate organization focussed on the research and discovery of new magical methods for enhancing the art of social discourse.
As an open society, the I.O.Tas (as they refer to themselves) accept all applicants provided they are awakened in some way.
They have chapter houses in most large urban conurbations around the world that any member can access to rent a function room, host a presentation or conduct research. Each chapter house has a job board where non-members can hire members for specific jobs usually difficult negotiations or important speaking engagements that require the specialized talents that only a magically active speaker can provide.
IOTa draws many members from the areas of Religion, Law and Politics and membership is not exclusive (you can be a member of another society so long as you inform IOTa

Jiao <ooc> who most PCs know as Ping </ooc> ran her hands across the wooden table in her upscale apartment. Normally she would go without thought but this run especially spooked her. She had become the thing she feared the most. Beholden, with a debt. Wanting something. A million thoughts ran through her mind, but they all took her back to that night. That night in the Walled City. Where she told herself she'd never be again.

The toxicity of the area overwhelmed her as it did when she was a child and her bio mom Fan <ooc: now deceased for those without Jiao's backstory> took her here to see some of her bio grandparents. She hated this place then and the familiar nausea creeping up when she thinks about that place let alone in it is just blah. But more than the nausea was the feeling of uselessness the Walled City represents. <ooc > This is not a jab at the DM or a player or mechanics. </ooc> The Walled City feels like it takes away a lot of her power, beauty, and independence each time she goes and this last run was no different. Unable to wear her trademark dress due to the hostility of the area, she clunked around in what was probably a subpar armor suit and just made sure no one was coming at kept the little boy safe. That boy was her ticket back to beauty. During that time she had time to think, and thinking is her worst weapon. She was doing all this for a coin. An Elven coin. Was she really the person to sacrifice everyone just to let the elves have a beauty namesake? Had she really become one of the racist pricks she seduces on a bimonthly basis to help pay the bills? Had so much time with the higher ups that don't have these types of problems really corrupted her that much?

The absence of gunfire brought Jiao back from her thoughts and she tried to make a guy sleep long enough for us to be able to interrogate later. Apparently however, Cabbie, the local driver had other ideas and proceeded to cap him after he was knocked out. Something about not wanting to wait 2 hours or something like that to interrogate him. Honestly Jiao had quit paying attention once she saw Cabbie commit voluntary murder. Cabbie was used to getting things done with time and having the guy awaken to that horror would have been a great tongue loosener. "So much for diplomacy..." Jiao pondered and the group trudged along the path to the coin led to by this dragon and little boy team.

Once finally there, the group saw people who hoarded trash for beauty. Trash??!? Trash?!?!?! How the fuck do I trade trash? It's not like a well mannered high society problem solver, like myself, keeps trash handy. This entire place was disgusting, she shouldn't be surprised that they hold trash as value. As much as she was dismayed, Jiao went to the astral because as much as trash is beauty is fucked up, no humans are generally that messed up. Jiao saw the signs of tell tale astral mistakes and people beyond hope of repair. It was pitiful. It is in situations like these Jiao really wants to end their miserable lives, but is a consummate professional so killing as few people as possible for her goal is needed. While these characters hoarded trash they weren't hurting anyone.

That is until serial killer astral fuckup boy. The guy hoarded body parts...Everyone saw him and Cabbie killed him with her murderous streak of course, but when people returned to normal (later on.) It would have been hard to say what that murderous serial killer would have came back to. Could they have taken that back? And in what state did we actually leave those people after the mission? Telling the one we went up to the spirit with it was a hallucinogen was the easy way out. She didn't have to explain that these people did things. They could piece it together later, but this eats at Jiao leaving people like that. She had no choice though. It was about the coin. That damned coin that she loves to love and hates to hate. The one that has to get back into Elven hands. The coin she'd trade almost anything to have with her. A couple of round pieces of metal with some kind of magical properties.

It was getting to be too much, so she cracked open a bit of wine and thought back on the combat. The part that actually was combat to her, the spirit. Seeing the group so useless and knowing it was her job to step up as the mage and kill it, Jiao tried banishing it, but her problems and the problems of the walled city kept her from doing it. It's like everything she tried was with one arm behind her back. She revealed herself as magical, why? And Cabbie got her high....Why? I am a problem solver, spells....let someone else handle that. Unfortunately, Jiao may not have that luxury. Her magic is now out and exposed to the group for some bauble. Eventually Jiao would need to check back on those people, or something because this is eating her up.

Jiao has gone about things alone or had people work for her in order to solve things, but this teamwork thing, thrust upon her by the Triad, is new to her. In order to keep her lifestyle, she needs them. Jiao is slowly becoming a part of the cog rather than above it. Normally, this is when she would disappear a bit, but that dang coin. With accepting her fate, Jiao ran her hand across a couple of papers she had in front of her desk. One of them described some of the basic features of the Toast Masters. A group of faces who use their magic towards their gains...An outward acceptance of the thing she tries to hide. But maybe they could teach her HOW to hide it. Very important indeed. Especially for her con stuff. And especially useful so she doesn't go off and intimidate really powerful spirits...That rampant destruction of beauty just set her off. She needs a way to maintain her face persona.

Her eyes then glazed over towards the other piece of paper. The Astral Space Preservation Society. An organization started by a certain Dragon that is tattoo'd on her leg rather quite prominently. This group prevented the events similar to what was done by the Toxic Spirit from happening over and over again. While she had admiration for D <ooc: what she calls the dragon since his name is so damn long. > does that mean she has to follow and join its membership? Hell, this dragon gave money and stuff to the Tir clans across the world as well as helping to restore the world to beauty with his last willl. It's bequeathal of money to the security organizations towards non lethal combat is inspiring. Plus in order to hide herself one may have to know herself.

Jiao now was pacing across the floor in her living room, almost empty wine glass in hand and a very full wine bottle in the other. Setting them back down on her table, she exclaimed out at no one and everyone:

"FUCK IT. I'm getting laid."

Switching into her nicest civilian barhopping dress, Jiao went to her favorite haunt dressed to the nines and partied the night away, resulting in a quick nameless lay. Something to remove herself from her problems. She honestly doesn't remember the name or the gender of the person she slept with, just that it was enough of a distraction from the things that bug her in this world. The next morning though, during her walk of pride (or shame as some may call it.) She returned back to the paperwork spread out on her desk.

Stalling as long as possible, Jiao took a shower, had an ornate breakfast, similar to that of a last meal before once again deciding what to do about her future. It wasn't so much the money that bothered her, but belonging to a collective when she already subscribed to the religion of the Path of the Wheel that helped preserve and protect Elven heritage and what would happen if those goals conflict.

"D forgive me..." She whispered as she lit her research on the Astral Space Preservation Society (but not her work on D) on fire with a cigarette lighter. She just couldn't commit to a group that protected the astral when she saw what she'd be up against...And against that...alone. Part of preserving astral space would be that type of combat and if she was younger she could have done it but now, she couldn't take out those spirits responsible through combat. Instead, she'd need a way to talk with them. So the same damn thing of losing control to a spirit did not happen again. There was only one group that could provide that.

Fancy pen in hand, Jiao filled out the paperwork to join the IOTAs. One little piece of non electronic paper...She could go it alone. She could just do what she's always done. But what she's always done brought her here and had to change.

She wanted to not be a racist asshole. Not leave people who she might secretly be caring about out to dry for a piece of metal. Show people why talking instead of killing is inherently better. Maybe then she'd get her bar back or destroy those responsible for taking it from her birth mother. Maybe then she'd be the leader she wants to be and regain control.

Jiao has finally seen ugly and wants it gone. Filling out a second copy, she stuffs it inside a hidden compartment in her bed and then makes it again to look nice and pretty and neat and sends out the completed version of the application to the IOTAs. Until she hears back she wonders what will come next for her.
<ooc> Too long didn't read? Jiao attempts to apply for the Toastmasters</ooc>

<<ooc>> nice first post +1 karma! FYI dragon is lung, not the big d ;-) <<ooc>>


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