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This is a placeholder thread, for the moment.  I'll be working on revamping some of the ruels and guidelines a little bit over the next couple weeks, but for those that have been playing in UV93 for the last few months, it shouldn't really effect you too much. 

As you've seen, we're tying some of UV93 into the Missions plots a little bit.  We're going to ramp that up a bit as we move into Season 4 in the next month or two.  Hence, the new shiny subforum.  (Thanks Jason!)  Because we'll be playing with some plotlines and Missions events, I'm going to add a few rules to the mix to help guide the posts and games to avoid potential problems.  Not everyone plays (or reads) the Missions adventures as soon as they are released, so I don't want to spoil things for players too much, so mainly there will be rules about where to post certain information, and what sorts of things you can post about.  After all, if 50 of you all play Mission X and kill off Lofwyr, what happens if you all post here claiming your character was the one who pulled the trigger?  Of course, the Shadows being what they are, lots fo folks will take the credit for your deed, but still...  We want to avoid fights breaking out.  :)

If you're an UW93 player and you're not currently playing in Missions, that's ok.  Feel free to follow along anyway.  And I encourage you to check out Missions as they're released.  They're $4 PDFs, they feature some great art and writing, and SRM 04-00 will mark the start of a brand new Season of adventures and a new storyline, so it's a great jumping on point.  Pick them up to run with your home group, play them at conventions or at your local gaming store, or hey, just pick them up to read and add to your PDF library. :) 

Ok, ok.  I'm done shilling ;)

Anyway, more soon!


Quick question: Could we have multiple threads going since we have our own sub-forum now? The main thread would be your Missions thread, but I could see creating other threads to discuss stuff like Shadows of North America/Asia/Europe/Latin America and such, using sourcebooks as the basis or creating new articles (like Wolfboy's Shadowtalkers thread).

Yup.  That's fine with me.  Just stick with the overall formatting, for consistency's sake, and make sure the threads are clearly labeled :)


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