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I heard quite a few times about the "Desert Wars" but when I search for info about it, do not seem to find anything. Can someone tell me what it is or tell me where I can find the info?

Thanks a lot

Desert Wars is a corp sponsored wargame designed to field test and promote new equipment and tactics. It's also used as a proving ground for the corps personal army and as an additional revenue stream (from adds and pay per view). I'm not entirely sure but I think it takes place on a yearly basis in north Africa. Don't know of any books that specifically detail them but they are mentioned in alot of the fiction (I think Argent was a desert wars vet). Hope this helps  ;D

I think it was mentioned the desert wars are played in almost all the deserts around the world with the finals held in Africa.

And do you think those games were lethal for the players in the same way Urban Brawl is?

Way more lethal since it actual warfare, if I remember correctly.


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