[SR6] Snowy IC, Vengeful Technomancer

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Since we got away, Mel keeps asking, “please, buy a fake deck, just hide, stop risking it all again”. I love her, but I can’t. We escaped from that NEONet prison by sheer good fortune, a rounding error in the bankruptcy paperwork, all the staff sacked and the power turned off overnight. I refuse to run and to cower from the megas again. Yeah, I take corp nuyen, but only to steal another’s secrets. And with those secrets we work to ruin those responsible for what they’ve done to us.

Conned into a “internship” that was a NEONet neurosurgery research programme, Snowy has contacts in the neo-anarchist and pro-metahuman radical activist communities with whom she shares information and gets fixed up with runs. She lives with and looks after her partner and fellow escapee, Melanie, living with a disability from NEONET’s botched experiments.

Meta B – Elf (11)
Att A (24)
Skills C (20)
Magic/Res D (1 Resonance)
Resources E

SAP spend – 4 to Edge, 2 to Agility, 5 to Resonance
B 3
A 4
R 5
S 2
W 5
L 6 (8 ) (9 with Psyche)
I 5 (6 with Psyche)
C 4
Resonance 6 (5)
Edge 5
Living Persona A: 4-6, S: 5-8, D: 6-9, F: 5-8

Essence 5.02
Real world/AR initiative 10 (11 with Psyche) +1d6

Sprite Affinity (Crack Sprite) 14K
Lowlight Vision (Free from metatype)
Addiction (R2 – 3 days) (Psyche) -2K
Dependents (R2 -10% of income) (Melanie, disabled girlfriend) -8K
Insomnia (Threshold (1) due to sleep regulator) - 4K

Total chargen karma spend – 50 to nuyen, +14 pos qualities, -14 neg qualities

Cracking 6 (15 dice with Psyche)
Electronics 5 (14 dice “)
Tasking 5 (10 dice “)
Con 1 (5 dice)
Firearms 1 (5 dice)
Stealth 1 (5 dice)
Perception 1 (5 dice, 8 to Visual with all buffs)

Cerebral Booster (2)
Sleep Regulator
Damage Compensator (Alphaware) (6)

Helmet R4 – Flare compensation, gas mask, vision enhancement (2) (For runs)
Armoured vest

Fichetti Tiffani Needler (because who looks twice at a lady with one of these?) – 50 flechette rounds
Remington Roomsweeper (if I’m actually desperate enough to use it it’s got the highest AR at close range) – 50 gel rounds, 50 conventional rounds

10x stealth tags
Medkit R4
5x Psyche
Tag eraser
2x data tap
Glasses R4 – Flare compensation, vision enhancement (2) (For daily wear)
Flashlight (Low light)
2x Metalink

English 2
Sperethiel N (2nd gen raised in Tir Tairngire - I would be bilingual if the quality existed.)
Corp Black Programs
Metahuman Activism
Resonance Beings

Complex Forms
Emulate (Exploit)

Fake SIN R4 – Talissta Brightreed, Tir Tairngire Foreign Correspondent (Low Lifestyle)
Fake SIN R1 – Roxxy Caramell, Nightclub Dancer
C4/L2 “Erik The Red”, Mysterious Matrix Friend (Neo-Anarchist Fixer)
C3/L4, Apogee, Gnome Techno Rights Radical (Political Activist)
C3/L1 Flash Jimmy, Shiny Suited Ork (Drug Dealer)
C3/L4 Melanie, Probationary JackPoint Member (Datahaven/hacker and my dependent)

Mechanical goals.
The team is already flush with combat and other skills. I therefore want to be a full on wizard of the Matrix like the one the corp news-trids warn you about. There is already a combat decker so I intend to specialise in Matrix stealth, spoof command/control device, and Resonance abilities. I intend to make frequent use of sprites, but primarily to assist my tests.

Snowy should be able to regularly throw 17-18 dice at a Cracking + Logic check by Teamworking with a R4 Crack Sprite. She has +1 Edge to compile the Sprite (10 dice, using up to 5 Edge to reroll opposed hits). With starting 5 Edge, she is likely to have enough Edge to reroll opposing hits, reroll failures or ‘edge the dicepool’ to succeed against a high-rating host.

Sustains– without Focused Concentration I have to give the Emulate (Exploit) to a registered sprite in order to leverage my chance of winning Edge over opposing DR. Is doing my sustains this way a sound idea or should I just avoid taking sustained CFs until I have Focused Concentration? If so I will take Cleaner or Emulate (Fork) instead.

The Sleep Regulator and Damage Compensators are aimed at registering sprites overnight while other characters are sleeping, for runs that go on for +24h (these come up in our games) and for taking a chunk of Fade from Puppeteer. I wanted a Pain Editor but it was too expensive in nuyen and essence.

For optimisation, Charisma should be 5 or more, but I just don’t see the character as being all that charismatic - I envisage her as being quite impatient and blunt with people, easily jumping to the conclusion that they're prejudiced or just thick.

Build expectations – Specific to my play group.

My group runs with the expectation that negative qualities must have meaningful effects in play proportionate to their Karma value. This means no Incompetent (Outdoors), no Severe Allergy (Plutonium), and no Impaired Attribute in any stat that is not relevant to the character’s core competencies. Otherwise, it’s unfair to the player who has to deal with the complications of a roleplay NQ when someone else gets karma for nothing.

Attributes at 1 are strongly discouraged unless they are intrinsic to the character’s concept.

Analytical Mind works only as its 5E equivalent (Applies only to intelligence, puzzle, or pattern recognition tests) otherwise it is either far too cheap and/or broken. (A decker hermetic mage gets Edge to literally every test they make for 3 karma? Nah.)

Initial Karma/nuyen spend
I have 19 karma and 13000Y to spend from GMing.
-Submersion (1) - Living Network (11K)
Should I save up for Focused Concentration 1 (24K) or buy a complex form or specialisation with the remaining 8K?
13000 – 1300 to Dependent – 2000 to lifestyle – Rest to save up for a car or bike.