[6E] Help with Technomancer Build

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« on: <04-10-20/0020:45> »
Is there a build guide or detail of different takes anywhere?


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Not that I am aware off but any questions big or small are welcome. Let’s us know what you need help with and we would be glad to do so. Even if that is conceptually talking through things.
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*Play-by-Post color guide*


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Classic "All In" Technomancer, Attributes A, Skills/Meta B/C; Resonance D; Resources E.  Max out Resonance with Benefit points, and get as much Edge as possible.  Grab your two Matrix and one Resonance skills and max them out.  Max out Logic.  Do what you can with the rest.  Buy Drugs.  Spend leftover skill points as you will.

"Decker without a Deck" Attributes A, Skills/Resources B/C, Resonance D; Meta E, grab a point of Augments.  Take CFs like Puppeteer, Editor that don't use your Resonance stat to calculate dice pools.  Skip Sprites.  Just hack stuff with your brain.

Really depends on if you want to be a Pet Class or not.