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Title: Core Book Archetypes redux
Post by: Hobbes on <04-18-20/2142:37>
My first pass of re-building the Core book Archetypes.  More optimized and char gen rules compliant. 

These are basically copy/pasted one after the other so Knowledge skills, Senory gear, Licenses may be a little off.  I'll correct those when I put them into something pretty and printable.  My main complaint is that half the mundane ATs have cyberlimbs... sheesh they're not good in 6th and even worse in Combat ATs or Metatypes like Trolls.  Took me a couple extra weeks of pondering what to do with the Cyberlimb builds. 

In the end I punted.  Just stuck and arm on with whatever stats and armor I could.  For the Rigger I skipped the limb completely and just implanted the shotgun.  Rigger is still WIP, I'm trying to do an AR drone Rigger that can keep up in meat space and do clever drone things without being a limp noodle.  Just not enough Nuyen....

Edit:  would help if I actually linked the sheets....
Title: Re: Core Book Archetypes redux
Post by: Hobbes on <06-02-20/2326:14>
And after taking a couple extra months because no Cons so no need for these.... I have now made them more pretty and tweaked them a bit.

File 'o' .pdfs
Title: Re: Core Book Archetypes redux
Post by: TeOdio on <06-03-20/0007:31>
Great stuff. Minor suggestions to ease in the newbies.
1. A column with in the skills area that has full pools calculated already or perhaps list the attribute usually linked to it.
2. List Fade and Drain values next to the spells / complex forms. Or have them on a separate  sheet with a description on what they do.
3. Perhaps list the defense dice rolled or state that it is Reaction + Intuition.
4. List the dice pool or attributes used to resist Fade / Drain.
Just some suggestions.  I find the less the player has to find and calculate things as you explain how to do stuff the more time they will have to do cool stuff. ;)
Title: Re: Core Book Archetypes redux
Post by: Hobbes on <06-03-20/0823:59>
I wanted to go into a little more detail, but I also wanted to actually finish these before 7th edition came out.   :D

After a few more splat books come out I'll do another batch and I'll add columns for linked attribute and total dice pool.  Defense tests can go in with the other figured characteristics. 

Spells, combat, and gear I'll carve out more space for page references, drain, and notes.  Drones and Vehicles should have gotten more than a gear entry.  The Awakened characters have space, the higher resource characters get tight. 

That does mean you'll need to get your cheaters on to read the gear listings on some of them as I'll have to shrink it down to 8 point font to get it to fit.     ;)

Stay safe sir!
Title: Re: Core Book Archetypes redux
Post by: TeOdio on <06-04-20/0018:35>
As safe as one can be in these "Interesting Times". Are you making these in Acrobat,  or porting them from Word? If you have them as .doc files I may be able to help with some of that.
Title: Re: Core Book Archetypes redux
Post by: Hobbes on <06-04-20/0827:30>
They are Google Sheets:

Then Printed to a .PDF format.