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Title: First build mystic adapt
Post by: bulldogc on <04-10-20/1345:05>
Hi all, Looking for some help with this character.  New to the game, I've played a couple of one offs but never created a character before, looking for some feedback.  Concept is a mystic adapt, more mage than adapt. A couple of notes if it helps any.  I really wanted to go with a troll but I had a lot of stat issues trying to make him so I downgraded to dwarf instead. I really would like him to be unarmed but I am also having trouble coming to terms with the general poor damage I seem to be getting with it so i might need to swap him to blades instead. Finally I am trying hard to stick with the core book since i am still new, I am not tied to that so if you have some ideas please open up to splat books.  I did grab piercing strike to help with unarmed some, and i considered a martial arts style but they were a little more complicated that i was interested in reading at the moment.

Priority -

chose spellcasting and counterspelling for the free skills

bought 6 power points
-Focus concetration 3
-mentor spirit oracle
-Moderate allergy to silver
-Distinctive Style
-Weak Immune System

-Unarmed Combat-6

Awakened Hangouts -3
CitySpeak -2
magical theory street-2
sprawl life-2

Ball lightning
mind probe
increase attrin agi
improved invis
ice sheet

Astral Perception
Critial Strike unarmed combat
improved reflexes 3
killing hands
penetrating strike 4
plague cloud

contacts - Talismonger 2/3
taxi driver 2/2

fake sin rating 2
renraku senei with subvocal mic
credstick std
credstick silver
micro transceiver
magic lodge materials R3
micro camera r1
AR gloves
armored jacket
1 months of low lifestyle
Title: Re: First build mystic adapt
Post by: Redwulfe on <04-10-20/1903:26>
Looking at the skills and qualities this looks to be a 5th ed character. The only thing I saw off the bat was it seems you have maxed out three attributes and iirc you can only do 1 at character creation. Though it has been a while since I have looked at 5th so I don't remember what the max attributes for a dwarf are.

Also if you are on the Black trench coat(game based on realism more than cinematic) side of things I am not sure you want your SIN so low and If you are playing a more realistic style I would also pick up a license for magic.

I would also look at maxing out your defense pools as much as possible as a hand to hand combatant. if you can't make it to combat you will have a hard time. focusing on defense is strong in 5th and I have even had characters with no armor and very little body survive easily by just not being able to be hit.

Title: Re: First build mystic adapt
Post by: bulldogc on <04-10-20/1951:40>
only will is maxed body/str is 8 for dwarf.  I did have some combat sense in there that I dropped in favor of the improved reflex and initiative.  My assumption was that while closing I could get some cover from the plague cloud. I am a tad suck with the gear, there isn't much money to play with so I had to get what I could get pretty much, figured I would look into a better sin after a 1 or 2 runs. I did want to get a magic licence but I couldn't find any info about how to do that of what it costs in the book.
Title: Re: First build mystic adapt
Post by: Redwulfe on <04-10-20/2237:53>
Not sure what the plague cloud does it has been too long since I have played 5th. Iirc generally you want a 14-16 dice pool in the thing that you do. So long as you can beat that in defense you should be good on that side. I specialized in defense and unarmed combat and was throwing around 18-22 dice to defend against a gun shot. This kept me from getting hit and allowed me to get into melee much more effectively. I remember counter attack was my friend a lot as well.

Wish I could remember the exact build. But it was when I was stress testing the system.

As far as licenses after a couple of runs you will be able to pick one up so it is not emporia the in the first couple or if your troupe is playing cinematic as they tend to not run check points and such were those things would be checked.

Sorry I canít be more help. I am just th our ally invested in 6th now so I canít remember a lot of what I did in 5th.