Knowledge Skills in 6e, Differentiating knowledge "levels"

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Ok, I was reading a old topic about Knowledge skills in 6e and how we don't have levels now and thus someone that have an PHD in a field would  feel the same than just an expert.
Well, one way to solve this is the Legwork results contact table and applying it to how much specific is the knowledge skill.
SO our range is from "Basic, broadly available background information" to "Deep secrets others actively try to hide".
First, let's ignore the first level, someone with this level would not have any skill.
"A few nuggets of information gleaned from casual study" -> This level would be the below average level, it would apply if the runner have a more generalist knowledge skill (UCAS instead of Seatle)
level 3 and 4 would cover a lot of knowledge skills. Level 5 would cover a skill that sounds like a solid specialization (let's remember that PHD's are a somewhat hyper specialization).
6 to 8 would need a really specialized skill,  something that you would read and think: "wow this is a really specific skill"
I would not allow 9 and 10, this kind of things you have to use contacts or discover in the game.

One additional option it's letting a memory roll to try to remember something above your knowledge specialization rating. the threshold it's 2 + the difference. So trying to use the skill that would be in a level 3 to know something in level 5 would have a threshold of 4.