[6e] Shooting through walls

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Hello all, I recently started GMing Shadowrun 6e (without any experience in previous editions) and currently trying to wrap my head around abomination called 6th edition

I did some research on wallbangs and it seems 5th edition had dedicated rule for it and i cant really apply it for 6th.

So how do i do rule it? im new in mechanics and cant really think of houserule for it


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After a couple of years, itís a little tired to refer to 6e as an abomination. But whatevs.

The info youíre looking for starts on p. 111 of the Seattle core rule book. In short:

Attacker desires to injure someone on the other side of a barrier. The target has to use a Minor action to gain the DR benefit of Cover status, but you make your normal AR vs DR comparison.

Attacker makes an attack test. Before applying net hits, subtract half the structure from the weaponís damage. From here it can take a little bit of interpreting: if it were me, damage reduced to 0 by the barrier means the bullet was not able to penetrate all the way through. Do not pass go, do not collect 200•. One could feasibly rule that 0 still allows net hits to be applied and force a soak roll. YMMV.

If there is still a positive number after the reduction, apply net hits to damage and the target has to soak.

Heavier weapons (and APDS or exploding ammo) applies to base damage, giving things like Roomsweepers extra punch to break through.

Does that help?


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In 5th edition you had,  by RAW, often a bigger chance to kill a high defense target while blind firing them through a wall. In the middle of a blizzard. At extreme range. Without using a scope. In the middle of a moonless night. Without using thermographic vision or low light. While blind folded. This was resolved as a negative dice pool of 10 dice (which was not too bad considering you would typically exit chargen with 20+ dice) and the high defense opponent would not get to roll their defense and instead just rolled 4 dice as a dice pool of its own because he happen to be behind full cover.

In 6th edition in you instead typically automatically fail when you have no idea where your target is.
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