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[SR5] Compiled Lists for Actions, Qualities, Life Modules, Gear, Magic & Matrix

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Provided a link to a folder with the lists I made.
Still not up to date Iím afraid ;(

A few people were asking for a list of augmentations like cyberware, bioware, etc.  I needed it for my own purposes so I created one from the SR5 core rulebook and Chrome & Flesh.  I only own a subset of the rulebooks so I've likely missed quite a bit in the other source books, not sure.  I'm still going through the books I purchased in my bundle.

I needed my data in a slightly different format as PiXeL01's fine work I'm afraid but I've provided it in a format that anybody can extract and convert if they so choose.

Much thanks to PiXeL01 for the inspiration and original tables which I've used extensively as well.


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