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For my latest campaign, I decided to start really low power (using variations of Street Level and Street Scum), but advance characters arcade-like (similar to Shadowrun Returns).  The basic chargen flow doesn't change, so you follow the same nine steps in Section 3.

When you get to Step Two (on Page 65), the Priority Table is replaced with the following:

When you pick your Metatype, you start with the minimum attributes found on the table on page 66. You may then spend your attribute points to raise any of the 8 attributes by up to two points. For example, a human starts out with a 1 in each of the 8 attributes and had you chosen the B Priority for Attributes (i.e. 16 points), you would start out with a 3 in every stat.
Step Four, you start the game with 5 Karma (not 25 as it states in the book) and you are allowed to take up to 10 points in Negative Qualities to top your Karma out at 15.  This allows you to take up to 15 points in Positive Qualities, if you so wish.
In Step Five, you ignore the skill limits on page 88, but similar to Shadowrun Returns, skills cannot exceed the attribute it is linked to.  So, since Pistols is linked to Agility (see page 90 for the skill chart), you cannot have a Pistols skill higher than your Agility attribute.  In addition, I do NOT allow any specializations or skill groups.  Note, you still get the free knowledge and language skill points equal to (INT + LOG) x 2 (page 89).
In Step Six, the maximum gear rating you can purchase is 4 (i.e. many pieces of gear have rating between 1-6, so you can't start out with any ratings higher than 4). You may also not start with any gear higher than Availability 10.
If you have any karma leftover in Step Seven, you may use it to exchange 1 Karma for 2,000 nuyen (up to a maximum of 10,000 nuyen). You may also use the karma to increase attributes and skills character advancement rules (see below).  Contacts will not be purchased but assigned by the GM based on character background.
For character advancement, it will go much faster than the book.  All the karma you receive will NOT use the advancement tables on page 107, but simply be New Rating, in karma, per point (attributes, active, knowledge, language skills or buying positive qualities). This means if you have a 3 Strength and want to increase it to 4 (i.e. New Rating), it will cost you 4 karma to do so. You cannot payoff negative qualities with karma, but only during in-game (role)playing.
So far, things have been running smoothly.  This is a bi-weekly game, roughly 4 hours a session. It has a good feel to it, with characters projected to last for about a year and a half before the power curve tops out (at least that is what I am projecting). I'd welcome any sort of feedback.

After deliberation, this will be the home for 5E House Rules, while the other thread will remain for previous editions.

Hey Fastjack,

I don't know if this was asked before, but could it be possible to have a sub-forum for house rules?

I really think it's a shame that many good ideas are lost and/or impossible to discuss, because one long thread for all house rules will end up being so huge.


Cyberlimbs and Armor

Armor for cyberlimbs use the same rules as for armor accessories (SR5 169), meaning they are "+" rating. The Strength attribute can be the average of all limbs (SR5 455) when used to determine encumbrance.

This is something that's been going around 4chan /tg/ Shadowrun General threads.

Priority 10

Premise: Priority system really punishes certain types of builds, so some anon came up with this simple system of helping. It's not perfect, but neither is regular priority.

You start with 10 points to spend on 5 priorities.

So as long you add up to 10 you're good. 


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