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--- Quote from: Kiirnodel on ---Force 2 Lightning Bolt? Good luck hitting anything with only 2 hits. Force 1 Powerbolt, most creatures can get one hit to resist that. Force 2 Mob Mood? It isn't all that difficult to resist 2 hits with Logic+Willpower.
--- End quote ---

Sorry. I haven't actually read this whole conversation but this takes me back to my favourite first edition combat exploit where a mage could be devestating by spamming Force 2 manabolts and then throwing their whole magic dice pool i to the attack.

Basically, anything with Willpower 3 or less was prettt much guaranteed to die because a starting mage could roll 9 dice, only need a 3 or better for a hit on each die, while their target rolled 3 dice and needed a 5 or better. If the mage got at least 3 net hits, the target was dead. Then they rolled their Drain resistance and had to roll a 2 or better. If their dice pool (easily 6+) got 4 hits, no drain at all. It was that was easy. But not since 1st edition has a low Force spell actually been a more effective way of killing someone than a high force spell.

Ahem. Anyway. I actually came here to share a house rule I have been using since I was flipping through the old Virtual Realities book and came across the fast matrix runs rule for abstracting basic datagrabs in legwork. I think Matrix Search covers most of this but I wanted something for the protected but not crucial info Matrix Search can't find but isn't worth investing a whole matrix run on. This is basically what the rules in Virtual Realities was for. So I made a new Matrix Action of sorts.

Data Grab
MARKs required: None.
Test: Extended Test. Intuition + Hacking [Sleaze] (Varies, 1 hour)
The decker goes in search of particular information across the matrix. They begin by compiling a list of likely locations (in an age of digital information, global interconnectivity, and labyrinthine corporate networks, itís unusual for data not to be shared) and targeting the least secure locations. The decker hacks into low rating Hosts and devices with a mind to keeping a low profile, and never staying in one place too long. Any time Overwatch gets close to convergence, or the decker is marked, they reboot and start over on the next likely location so as not to put anyone on high alert. This is an Extended Test with an interval of one hour. The Threshold for widely spread and commonly accessed or shared information is 6 hits. For information of limited availability or only used by a small group, the Threshold is 12. The most sensitive, secret, and protected data kept exclusively in one or two places or in archives cannot be found this way. Such information is the goal of whole shadowruns, not rapid snatch and grabs.

So, the Control Rig gives (-Rating) to thresholds, (+Rating) ro Handling & Speed, and (+Rating) to Vehicle skill tests.
But none of that matters when you're risking dumpshock from an incoming burst of Stick & Shock.

So, to make rigging less risky during a fight, would it be better to allow a Control Rig to give (+Rating) to Defense Tests, or as auto-hits on Defense Tests?

+2 dice might not mean much, but 2 auto-hits means that attackers will need to roll at least 3 hits to have any hope of dealing damage.


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