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The nature of Juan Atzcapotzalco

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So has anyone got any theories as to what Juan Atzcapotzalco actually was?

I'm kind of thinking he was a Biomantic construct (like cybermancy, but . . . well, you know).

Or he was a corpse possessed by a 'Blood Shedim' - which could be scarier.

Cos what's to stop the Azzies from doing this again . . .

Doc Chaos:
Uhm... who?

Mayve he was a :

1. Horror possesed

2. Immortal Theran sorcerer.


--- Quote from: Doc Chaos on ---Uhm... who?

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Former president of Aztlan. It's been theorized he was possessed by a spirit, among other things.

I was always fond of the idea that he was possessed by the spirit of a Theran myself. I think the loci being bandied about in the Aztlan book were used by the Therans to "hold" their souls in the centuries between magic being in the world.

Doc Chaos:
With Aztlan and the shit they already set loose... anything's possible.


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