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The war zones or potential war zones of the 6th world as of 207something:

Africa: Angola/Azania border(Namibia)(Border clashes, military standoff). Kingdoms of Nigeria(who knows, kingdoms rise and fall frequently, border clashes to outright wars). Liberia(currently experiencing a civil war).

Asia: South China sea/Spratlys(potential naval war between Canton vs. Empire of Japan. ).  Central China(border clashes between Canton vs. Henan/Sichuan/Guangxi). Israel/Jordan/Syria(Last I read in Shadows of Asia, the Israelis did an airstrike on the Jordanians). Indian/Pakistan(well the tensions are still there and both sides still hate each other). Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam(well according to Shadows of Asia, the Garuda(Thailand) and Naga(Cambodia) hate each other and Vietnam politically controls Cambodia and does not want its grip on it to slip(Naga takeover).

Europe: The Balkans(Former Yugoslavia)(well perpetually in a genocidal civil war). Tir Na Nog(guerilla war between the Elven court and the IRA and the Unseelie court.

North America: CAS/Pueblo council vs. Aztlan(well border tensions, Aztlan is not a good neighbour), TsimTsimhan(well there is a guerilla war against the Salish Sidhe).

South America: Amazonia vs. Aztlan.

Doc Chaos:
Somalia finally found some peace? Hard to believe...
Also, there's Madagascar. Pirate haven.

Ethiopia/Somalia/Eritrea: Oh yeah forgot, someone is uniting all the warring factions here into a Sheba empire.

Are you counting Desert Wars and spin-offs/imitators?

Probably the same for feral zones such as Chicago, Lagos, GEMITO etc. except that moving Mongol city.


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