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Well according the the guys at Red Brick this is a planned RPG something like several thousand years after Shadowrun. LIke a Shadowrun/Earthdawn space opera.

Looking forward to this.

when is it set for release? might have to pick it up

Hmm... Interesting... No word on a release date, however.

Well according to red Brick they are stilll sorting out the kinks in the sysytem but the setting is preety much fleshed out.

Here the link

Basically somehow, in the future, Mankind manage to find a way in delaying the coming of the Horrors but of course plans go awry it goes to a hell on a handbasket.

Oh yeah, for those interested in Earthdawn, the Cathay sourcebook is finally coming out in Dec. 2010

Dead Monky:
Maybe they'll finally have some stats for the Cathay dragons.


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