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Harlequin vs. Pendragon

I'd buy tickets!!! Shocked Grin
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Probably go something like this:

"`sup, Arthur."
"Hoi, Caim."
"How ya been? How was the nap?"
"Not bad, had this krick in my shoulder for what seemed like years."
"Uh-huh... Listen. Big D, ya remember 'Merline', right? Anyway, he left me the sword in his will."
"Yeah, I saw that. Just needed to borrow it to get England back on track. Here ya go."

<Casazil angrily yelling and booing as he throws his popcorn at the two of them.>
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That would be funny as hell, i'd also buy a ticket, but to see Casazil yelling at them XD.

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Gee thanks..... ;D ;D :P

Kinda makes me wonder what kind of powers Excalibur has. Must be one hell of a weapon focus, but the sword must have some other powers?

I wouldn't put it past the devs to make it a massively powerfull focus mid double digits 40's 50's it may even be slightly selfaware.

Weapon/Power focus? Probably also gives a serious bump to Social skills.


--- Quote from: FastJack on ---Weapon/Power focus? Probably also gives a serious bump to Social skills.

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like some kind of power to inspire people into doing great things like the peaceful prostestation you spoke of earlier.


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