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--- Quote from: Critias on ---What was he supposed to do, stick around and rule?  His job was done.  Batman doesn't stick around and actually run the Gotham City PD, does he?   ;D
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But he should. :)

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He does in Earth-2.

Seriously. Bruce Wayne became GPD Commissioner after Jim Gordon retired on Golden Age Earth-2. After he married Catwoman, of course. Made the dinner table awkward later on when their daughter became The Huntress and turned to vigilantism.

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Power Girl is still the best thing to come out of that continuity, IMHO.

I think you mean Power Girl is the best two things.   ;D

The whole thing with pendragon would have made a great adventure to publish.

and not small time either big like the harleyquin books.

That's what I was hoping for. And to have a sidequest in there somewhere that Pendragon went to Tír na nÓg to address the court there... ;)

Sorry if i look like the guy who don't follow, but who or what is Pendragon? ??? looks interesting.


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