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MilSpecTech now available!

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DriveThruRPG and BattleCorps now have MilSpecTech up and available for download.

I'm going through the book now, but the first thing I can tell you is this: I recall Mystic talking about how he missed the catalog format of the old books, where everything got a full page spread.

Hope this makes you smile, Mystic. ;)

Heh, was just coming over to post up something :)  Here's the full Back Cover Copy...



Things That Go Boom in the Night

The corporations of the Sixth World love a good challenge—as long as it suits them. Ending world hunger? Not interested. Eliminating poverty? There’s no margin in that. Finding creative and more effective ways to blow things up and/or reduce them to rubble? That, they can do.

War is raging on the Aztlan-Amazonia border, and there are plenty of other places in the world where people are willing to fork over piles of nuyen to buy that tank or fighter that would help them sleep better at night. There is good demand for military technology, and the corps are stepping up with the supply.

MilSpecTech presents new vehicles (including groundcraft, watercraft, and aircraft), missiles, and vehicle weapons for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition. It can be used as a companion piece to War!, or on its own to add extra danger to any war zones characters may be running in—or if they’re lucky, to give them more ways to cause havoc.

I'm really, really digging the full color art, all done by the talented AAS. :)

Thank you FastJack. :)

just bought it...Nice job! Shadow talkers are back "in character"(my biggest issue with War!) well put together and full of good stuff.
One question, is the Esprit Cazador a reference to Fallout,New Vegas's evil fraggin butterflies?  ???

The e-book reminds me of the Street Samurai Catalog. Cool to see that Kane is creating trouble.  Just curious, what is 99 Bottles?


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