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Title: The Clubs: A Gang Idea
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A while ago, I gave you guys an idea for a Shadowrun story about a gang of rich kids and you guys seemed to like it. So, i decided to expand upon that idea and give a write-up and detail a new idea i had for the gang my characters are a part of. Let me know waht you think and feel free to give me criticism.

There are many things that people in the Sixth World know about “Archie”, or corp kid culture. The most infamous of these are “The Clubs.” The Clubs are the underworld nick-name for the various social clubs centered around the children of corp employees, more specifically, the children of those employed by the Big 10.  The Clubs are mostly centered in and around the various archologies owned by the Big 10, but have been known to manifest in most corp-owned residential areas. The Clubs themselves were originally founded as a way for future employees to discuss both their future within their “beloved” corp, and as a way to escape the high-stress environment of the corporate world, which was often embodied in the form of the various members’ parents. But, somewhere down the line, The Clubs began to do illegal activity, often against other clubs belonging to other Big 10 members. This resulted in long-standing “beefs” that the various clubs still hold against each other, some of which were caused by incidents decades ago. These Beefs have resulted in members going out and committing acts of assault, vandalism, sabotage, and most notoriously, brawling, with members of rival clubs.

The two biggest clubs and the ones with the most notorious feud are Saeder-Krupp’s Die Kinder von Lofwyr, or The Children of Lofwyr, and Evo’s New Generation. The two’s feud was started back in 2064, back when Evo was still Yamatetsu. According to rumors, the feud started in Seattle and was over a girl that the leaders of both Clubs’ chapters in that city had a crush on. The two Chapters ended up in a massive brawl that ended with Herman Goltz, the leader of the Children’s chapter, stabbing Ishimoto Naoya, the leader of the Yamatetsu chapter, to death. This murder ended up causing a massive blood feud between the two Clubs, which continued even when Yamatetsu rebranded as EVO and the club followed suite, renaming themselves The New Generation in honor of the new Terms of Unity and Evo Culture.

The New Generation’s position as the second biggest club however, is currently at stake due to a recent incident at a New York Arcology. Apparently, a member of the New Generation got into a brawl with a local Yardie over an insult, which the club member won. Later on however, the yardie managed to track down the club member back to his arcology and smuggled in a gun in an attempt to kill him. What wasn’t expected however, was The New Generation Member  pulling out a contraband pistol himself and start shooting at the pissed off gangster himself. The shootout ended in two deaths and with 10 injuries. After the incident, Evo vowed to crack down on “violence within the community” and ended up cracking down on The New Generation, with three other Big 10 members following suite to keep face. This left the New Generation in a precarious position with the authorities cracking down on their “ subversive elements” on one side and with the rest of the pissed off clubs wanting a piece of them on the other for making them deal with the heat they caused in the first place.

The Club’s themselves recruit on three basic principles. First, you must have a least one parent who works for the corp the club belongs to. Second, you must be completely loyal to the corp and strive to live the lifestyle the corp wants all of it’s employees to live. Finally, you must be able to “ throw down” This final rule is important due to the constant rivalries that pop up between the Clubs and with the occasional street gang.  Of course, how each club goes around recruiting beyond these three principles depends on the corp they belong to. For example, the Clubs in the various Japanacorps are very strict in their recruitment, only allowing humans to join and only allowing Japanese or Japanese Americans in leadership positions. Others, like Wuxing’s Society of the Red Lotus, is much less picky about who joins, reflecting their corp’s meta-friendly image. The Clubs themselves operate mostly as the social clubs they are intended to be, especially after the Evo incident. only committing illegal acts outside of their corp’s property to avoid trouble with their corp, often committing their crimes against their rivals out in the Sprawl and retreating back to their hangouts in the archologies when the heat gets too high with rivals Clubs, Gangs, or the authorities. Though, some of the clubs are less cautious and actively smuggle contraband back into the Archology to sell off to their peers to add some extra cash in their Clubs coffers.

What do you think so far? I am planning on adding in more details soon.