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Genghis Con XXXII, Feb 18-20, Denver


Liber Hazen:
I am excited to have a Shadowrun game in my area. So I have to spread the news. I am playing in both games, because I never get to be a player. They are running 2 games at this convention. I hope you can make it... (

Shadowrun 4 (20A)
SRM06: Jackknifed!, Hosted by Morgan Gould

Defend a truck - What could possibly go wrong? Living campaign: Players are expected to bring their own characters, but it is not necessary. for more information. Intermediate Players Please.

FRI       2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Shadowrun 4 (20A) [SOLD OUT 6/6]
SRM07: Knight at the Opera, Hosted by Morgan Gould

Eight teams escorting eight Damien Knights. Will the real Damien Knight please stand up? Living Campaign: Players are expected to bring their own characters, but it is not necessary for more information. Beginners - Rules Taught

FRI       7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Liber Hazen:
This is a little late but I have to say I had a good time playing Shadowrun at the convention. I missed my 1st shadowrun game due to traffic and poor planning on my part. But the second session was great. Both tracks were full. We can only do so much in a one shot, but I earned my first living character Karma! Thanks for running a great game Morgan!


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