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Myth-A-Con, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Edit:  Apologies everyone.  Due to last minute changes at the Con, there is now a $5 charge for the game itself, in addition to the entry fee, and the time for the Sunday event has changed to 8:00am.

Hey Chummers!

This ain't Missions, but it'll be quite a mission.  Need a get-away from the heat in Seattle? How about a working vacation in the Outback? See the sites, swim a will be truly refreshing.

This competitive event will be run as two scenarios in a two-part event.  Teams will be scored on how well they do on each run and the best total score between the two events and scenarios will determine the winning team overall.

One group of players will play one scenario and the other team will do the alternate scenario then on the second day, the teams will play the opposite scenario under a new GM.

The individual blurbs for each scenario are:

Shadowrun: Welcome to the Aquadome (Shadowrun)
"You took the first job that was offered as you had to get out of the city! Who knew you would be taking a refreshingly cool dip in the ocean."

Shadowrun Mana Station (Shadowrun)
"Australia, the Outback, mana storms! Your chance to get away from the big city, far, far away. Your Johnson assured you that this is definitely *not* a milk-run."

All materials will be provided to each player and team including Pre-Gens specific to the scenarios.  The Pre-Gens are designed as high-level Runners so here is your chance to play at an experience level that you may not have yet.  However, if you own the books or have a preferred set of dice or even a lucky pencil, please bring them along.

There is a door fee and ShadowRun is $5 to play.

More information and the means to sign up for this Convention can be found here:

The two sessions are scheduled for Friday Jan. 14 at 7:00pm and Sunday Jan. 16 at 8:00am.

Hope to see you there!


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