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RoundCon 2011, Feb18 - Feb 20 2011, Columbia SC

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Yeah, about a month and half away. the link can get you more details
RoundCon 2011 is being held in Columbia, SC, on 18 Feb - 20 Feb
We ( the SR GMs) are planning on 3 of us there to run SR games
this is the 25th RoundCon, so the director has some big plans for the oldest gaming convention in SC

please come out, always a great time and the midnight auctionis and depending on the ConCom, a bit dangerous

If I can get the time off, I'm thinking about coming down for this - quick question though: any idea what mods you will have to run?  Any chance you will be running SRM4-00?


I've already played all the Year 3 mods (with the exception of a few CMPs), so want to make sure they'll be something different there as I'd be coming down just for SR!

tpb Tenh

well, honestly
its a toss-up at the moment
Denver or NY
a 2part tourny
possible new CMPs fresh off the presses
or some combo there of

2 other SR GMs were looking at running some of the current CMPs, CGLs have asked me to remind them to send me some of the new CMPs, and the director of RoundCon was wanting a 2 part tourny to help celebrate the 25th anniversity of the Con it starting to look like a real shadowrun

please, if all possible, come down. if you need a character, i'll have pregens, or invite friends, i always have several.

if somehow you missed playing "Appetitie for Vengeance", we are running it at RoundCon

and for those wondering

we will be running 2010 CMPs. With 2 GMs every session (letting one play/ relax), we mixed up the choices and made it possiblr if you missed it in an earlier session, it will be played later also

I hope to see many runners at RoundCon


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