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I keep a notebook with a bunch of ideas that one day I want to develop into full runs but I keep losing it.  I figured if I shared it here then I'd have a place to come back to where I'll find them or maybe someone will spot an idea they like a develop it into a run.  These will vary from very easy wuss / beginner run ideas to more complex multi-session side notes to runs.  No promises of order, awesomeness, organization, or originality .  Oh yeah, if any of these have already been made in to a run, point me in their direction.  I'd like to shamelessly steal them.  With the author's permission of course.

Many of these are just ones that I particularly like from Seattle 2072.

Page 92, Seattle 2072, Denton's Lore Store.  There is a kid named Pavel mentioned in the fluff text who has a strange aura that even the experienced pros have never seen before.  Who is he?  Why is he so strange?  Can I make nuyen off his body?

Page 93, Seattle 2072, Horizon Creative Focus Retreat.  Bomb the crap out of the complex in an effort to lower employee moral and in the process cover up the assassination of a high level senior employee.  Note: Assassinate high level senior employee.

Page 120, Seattle 2072, Hollywood Hospital.  Pro Bono work, probably for one of the PC's contacts.  Hospital needs protection, maybe work in some sort of investigation type thing.

No book reference.  Over the course of several sessions the runners have lost out on many jobs at the last minute and have been forced to call their fixer for a new one.  No amount of legwork is able to track down who is underbidding them.  Fudge many rolls and infuriate runners but always have a real mission for them.  Finally while the group is at a physical meeting with a Johnson have someone with a full shadow runner team on standby walk in and take the job right in front of the face.  Not through violence or threats, perhaps the Johnson knows this particular person or they are offering to do the job for a ridiculously low amount of nuyen.  (Strange that this guy knows all the details of the job even though he just arrived...)  Might be a good intro for a prime runner if someone has an enemy quality or something similar.

No book reference.  A convoy of 3 to 5 trucks are carrying full loads of legal goods a long distance.  Cross country borders to make life more difficult but not necessary.  Every one of the trucks has hidden compartments which are stuffed full of completely illegal goods which have pushed the vehicles well over weight restrictions for the highways.  Runners will have to outrace the convoy to each weigh station, fix it so that the trucks will pass through without any red flags, then return the station back to it's original condition after the last truck has left so that there will be no traces left behind.  Once the last truck leaves they will have to race down the road to pass the convoy again before they get to the next station.  Hackers & Drivers/Riggers will probably have a lot to do.  Possibility to include ranged PC's to protect the convoy with gun ports or something indiscreet on the trucks themselves.

Page 78, Street Magic.  This page talks about magical goods (Talismans, Foci, Spell Formulae, etc.) and the process in which they are made, shipped, stored, etc.  Stealing from point of origin or destination would be likely be too difficult.  Hijacking an entire shipment on route could make for a very nice payday.  For smaller risk & reward, a smaller shipment to a Mom & Pop store would likely be an easier target.

Page 89, Seattle 2072, Thomas Lake Mining and Oil.  This one is more likely to be several runs if not a whole campaign but it could be interesting.  What is going on with those dwarves?  Why won't they sell?  How do I make nuyen out of it?

Page 75, Seattle 2072, Declerry's.  Straight forward with possibly long term effects.  Help VJ get out from under the mafia's thumb.

Page 75, Seattle 2072, The Crying Wall.  Tons and tons and tons of ideas for this place and if there aren't any runs already made around this I'd be incredibly surprised.  Good starting spot for mixing it up with Humanis.  For or against.

Page 75, Seattle 2072, Federated-Boeing Metalworks.  I didn't realize until now how much I like page 75.  Buy this book / PDF if you haven't already.  Anyway, Federated-Boeing, specifically the alchemical division.  Runners are hired to break in and destroy a specific work project.  No need for stealth or anything so long as the project is obliterated.  What the runners don't know is that the FB alchemical division hired the runners to make the hit on themselves in an attempt to prove their usefulness to the higher ups and hopefully avoid the shutting down of the division.

Page 67, Seattle 2072, Bellevue Correctional Facility.  Runners are hired by someone in Lonestar.  One of the runners then gets themselves locked up intentionally just so they can break out.  Easier if one is locked up and the others help him/her escape or add difficulty by having all runners locked up and make a concerted effort to get out.  The biggest catch is that they have to make their escape at the prison but just before Knight Errant is able to transfer custody so that KE looks foolish.  As the book states, Lonestar can blame everything on KE and their lax procedures.  Excellent potential for a double cross as Lonestar notifies their prison of the impending escape plans so that not only does KE lose face for letting the "prisoners" escape but Lonestar can also potentially comes out looking like heroes for capturing the dangerous criminals.  Another possibility is the runners are supposed to be recaptured and Lonestar quietly releases them later.  Or another double cross possibility, that is the plan that they are given but Lonestar never makes good on their promise to release the runners and they'll have to escape for real because screw the PCs! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Obviously if PCs are in on the recapture part of the plan they'll have to put on a good show before being recaptured.  Can't just give up.  oooo, if a KE employee or two dies during the recapture all the better.  But seriously, make those PCs suffer! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!  P.S. You're a terrible and evil GM.  You bastard.

No book reference.  I live in a city called Winnipeg.  (One day I plan on writing up a setting for it, something similar to Seattle 2072)  Anyway there is a museum here called the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature.  Inside the museum is a full scale replica of a sailing ship named the Nonsuch which was built in 1650.  What nobody knows however is that it isn't a replica, its the real thing.  And it's magical somehow, I don't know how.  It just is.  Accept it and move on.  Someone in Seattle purchased it for a large amount of nuyen.  By purchase I of course mean that they payed our lovely group of Shadow runners to go get it because bill of sale or not, this Seattlan... Seattler... Satellite... whatever... now owns it.  Now here is where the GM delivers the quick swift kick to the PC's nuts.  If the ship is broken down, the magic is dispersed and unrecoverable.  The team must transport the entire Nonsuch from the Winnipeg museum to the collector's storage facility intact.  Or if you want to be a wuss about it they can take it apart for easier transport but every last piece must be accounted for right down to the last splinter.  But your team isn't a wuss right?  And of course neither are you you GM-iest of GMs you.

Somewhere in Street Magic.  My note taking abilities are terrible apparently.  Anyway something to do with non-functioning robots are being used as prepared non-living vessels.  Probably for nefarious purposes.  I don't know, I didn't write down much.  Anyway, make a run of it and enjoy it because I said so.

Page 120, Running Wild.  Someone somewhere needs a Juggernaught.  Probably for reagents or something.  Those magical types are a weird bunch.  If you're a bastard GM like I know you are, that someone somewhere needs it alive.

Page 11, Unwired.  Sidebar: The Carjacking.  This is awesome so make it a real thing that happens to one of your runners.  Oh I know, while they're on a run going somewhere have it happen to them.  I'm sure the street sam will appreciate the opportunity for random violence (if it comes to that) and the hacker has a chance to be cool too.

Page 60, Seattle 2072, The Renraku Omnidome.  Straight up insurance fraud.  Smash up the place enough to cause damages that are too costly to repair but in a way that doesn't look suspicious.

Page 60, Seattle 2072, Renton Mall.  Seriously, buy the book.  Awesome ideas galore.  This one I wrote down two possibilities.  One is to just make a run out of the fluff text as is. (I know, I'm super original)  (And handsome too... ladies  ;) )  The other is good if maybe one of the runners has gotten on the bad side of a contact or even their fixer.  Have them go out to help the mall like the fluff text suggests then the fixer sends in another operative to kill a few of the teenagers.  Make sure the runners are able to get out without any suspicions cast upon them and let them believe that it was just a crappy job that they happened to dodge a bullet with.  Next thing they know, they are on the news with leaked information about the runners being there and being hired by the mall.  Someone somewhere should be able to profit nicely off that scenario.  The runners screwed them so now they screwed the runners and at the same time made it look like the mall hired killers to take care of a bunch of teenagers.  Of course the news will portray the kids as "innocents" and even if the gang angle comes out they were just slightly "misguided" and "mostly harmless".  The ruined rep will help someone else prosper.  Oh I know, if you've played Dead Rising 2.  Something like the main protagonist.  A video is leaked showing the runners in the act of killing said teenagers which obviously isn't them but nobody else knows that.  Or like Mass Effect 3, videos with just the right angles to make it appear the runners did the killing.

Page 152, Running Wild.  Blackberry Cat.  Have one move in with a runner randomly one day.  Preferably one who doesn't like or want animals.  No amount of security changes, locked doors, moving away will be rid of this cat.  Cackle maniacally.  Oh! Even better idea.  The cat has decided it now lives where the runner lives.  However it has also decided that it owns the place and doesn't want company.  Somehow have the cat evict the runner.  Oh oh oh!  If the other runners come to help out the first one, have the cat grow attached to someone else then do everything in it's power to have the second runner move in!  Paracritters are fun.  If you can't have fun with this animal you are a terrible GM.  Whoever came up with this animal deserves a cookie.  Metaphorically though, I'm cheap and you're a stranger.

Page 50, Seattle 2072, Evergreen Kingdom.  Do what the fluff text tells you.  Obey the fluff text.  Do not question the fluff text.  My take?  Evergreen Kingdom gets tired of waiting on an offer so pulls insurance scam with runners but then Harrison finds out that it's a scam and hires the runners to turn on their previous employers which will cause a scandal which in turn will let Harrison buy EK dirt cheap while EK will wind up with fine, lose their insurance, etc.  Also several options if runners show loyalty to their previous employer.  Note that this would not be a betrayal scenario.  The runners completed their job for EK, obligations were fulfilled, payments were made.  This is simply the next job.

Obviously I can't take credit for any of the Seattle 2072 runs but for the others if anyone thinks they're not bad let me know.  My ego never says no to a good stroking.


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You know, just 15 posts into joining the community you do some great work. Thanks for these.


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You know, just 15 posts into joining the community you do some great work. Thanks for these.

awww shucks...  *blush*