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Yeah, that's right, a mod that makes the weapon customized exclusively for Trolls. Why? Because I think Metahuman Customization represents the bare minimum required to offset the penalty for Trolls using normal weapons. This represents a complete redesign of the weapon working on the assumption that the user will be an inhumanly strong, 3-meter-tall slab of muscle.

Troll Weapon
Slots: 3 Threshold: 40 Tools: Facility Cost: Weapon Cost x 2 Availability: 12

      While Metahuman Customization represents the minimal re-tooling needed for a weapon to be used by a Troll without excessive awkwardness, a Troll Weapon is a weapon designed to be used exclusively by Trolls, and entails extensive re-design of the weapon to best suit its user's unique size and strength.
       In addition to all the benefits of Metahuman Customization, a Troll firing a weapon with this modification gains the following benefits: Heavy Weapons no longer double their uncompensated Recoil. Non-Heavy two-handed weapons (except Sniper Rifles) count as one-handed weapons, and may be Dual-Wielded. Weapons that are already one-handed gain a 25% increase in ammo capacity. All weapons increase their weight by +25%, their concealability by +2, and gain 1 point of inherent Recoil Compensation (which stacks with all other mods), due to their bigger, heavier frames.
       If a non-Troll attempts to fire a Troll Weapon they do not gain any of the benefits of Troll Weapon except the +25% ammo and, in addition, double the Incorrect Size penalties (i.e. Humans/Orks get -4 to use it, Dwarfs get -8) due to the extreme redesign of the weapon being even less friendly to them than normal. In addition, Dwarfs double all uncompensated recoil (2x for normal weapons, 4x for anything already doubled).
       A weapon that gains +25% ammo from Troll Weapon is incompatible with the version of the Extended Clip mod that grants the same effect.
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