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« on: <05-17-15/2158:23> »
So, a while ago I revamped some of Deus's drones for 4th edition. New edition, figured I'd do the same for this one. These are ad hoc adjustments, mostly done by eyeballing 'similar' drones.

Bumblebee (Flying Microdrone)
4 Handling, 3 Speed, Accel 2, Pilot 3, Body 0, Armor 0, Sensor 1. Availability 14F. 3000 Nuyen
Standard Upgrades: Improved Take-off and Landing 2, Stinger, Reduced Economy, Clearsight 3 Autosoft, Targeting (Unarmed Combat) 2 Autosoft
The 'Bumblebee' drone relies primarily on its small size to avoid detection. It is equipped with an injection stinger that, while it does no appreciable damage, can deliver nanites or toxins into the victim. The stinger is incapable of penetrating armor, and so must target exposed skin (typically the hands, face, and neck) in order to deliver its payload. This is made simpler by the fact that it usually strikes while its target is unaware of its presence. It can hold up to two doses of its payload. This, along with the limited flight time, ensures that the Bumblebee never strays far from its nest.

Dervish (Small Drone)
4 Handling, 4 Speed, 2 Accel, Pilot 4, Body 4, Armor 4, Sensor 3. Availability 14F. 6000 Nuyen
Standard Upgrades: Weapon Mount (Normal, Internal, Turret, Remote), Gyro Stabilization, Obsolescent, Clearsight 2 Autosoft, Targeting Autosoft 4
The Dervish is a spinning cylindrical drone that maintains its upright nature thanks to a custom gyro stabilization unit (like the Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization upgrade) that provides a +2 to Handling in order to avoid a crash. The weapon mount fires spikes coated with a toxin (Typically gamma scopolamine or some other paralytic, but other toxins are possible) using shotgun rules and ranges. The 'shotgun' deals 9P(f) damage, and has an Armor Penetration rating of +3. If the target takes at least 1 box of damage, they are affected by the toxin, using normal toxin rules. The shotgun can be fired in SA mode, and carries 50 shots of ammunition. The shotgun cannot take conventional ammunition, and cannot be further modified. The cost of each round of ammunition is 10+(cost of toxin) nuyen.

Manta (Small Drone)
5 Handling, 5 Speed, 3 Accel, Pilot 3, Body 5, Armor 5, Sensor 4. Availability 16F. 12000 Nuyen
Standard upgrades: Improved Take-off and Landing 2, Unstable Structural Agility, Weapon Mount (Normal, External, Turret, Remote), Special Machinery (Chemical Sprayer), Clearsight 3 Autosoft, Targeting 3 Autosoft.
The Manta was an impressive drone design in its day, using skimmer technology and advanced controls. It is capable of flight up to fifteen meters, and the weapon mount on its upper side comes equipped with a grenade launcher (SS, 10(m) ammo). On the underside is a chemical sprayer, capable of filling a 25 x 25 x 10 meter volume of air with an aerosol mist of the loaded chemical. It typically carried a DMSO/gamma scopolamine cocktail, but other chemicals could be used. The sprayer can deploy the mist as a complex action, and has enough chemicals on board for three shots.

Medusa (Medium Drone)
5 Handling, 3 Speed, 2 Accel, 4 Pilot, 6 Body, 12(16) Armor, Sensor 5. Availability 16F. 30000 Nuyen
Standard upgrades: Walker Mode, Mechanical Arm x2, Anti-theft System, Smart Armor 4, Special Machinery (Whip-tails), Special Machinery (Redundant Systems), Hydraulic Jacks 6, Clearsight 5 Autosoft, Targeting (Unarmed Combat) 4 Autosoft
The AI's premier killing machine, the Medusa was a melee combat drone well suited to the SCIRE environment, where its speed and mobility could easily allow it to enter into melee range of its targets. The four legs contain hydraulic jacks, making the Medusa a very effective leaper. Treat the two mechanical arms as obvious cyberarms with Strength Enhancement 6 and Handrazors (7P damage, -3 AP). The two tails are covered with cilia allowing it to use the 'anti-theft' system as an offensive weapon, dealing 12S(e) damage, -5 AP. The tails can also be used as whips, especially to entangle foes. They have a strength rating of 3 for this purpose. The Medusa has a unique redundant control system that allows it to ignore up to 6 boxes of wound penalties. If the Medusa takes more than 6 boxes of damage, all wound penalties apply.
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« Reply #1 on: <05-23-15/0936:02> »
You know, I loved the 4E conversions you did and I've used them in my game(and will be using them again) to pretty diabolical effectiveness. Haven't delved into 5th yet, but when I do for the next game I run, it's good to know these are here

Thanks again. :)
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