[Seattle] The Blue Screen

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Starting up a new home campaign, this week starting to populate my little corner of Seattle with locations and people. The entire team are Shadowrun virgins so while they aren't creating street level characters I'm kind of starting them out in that mode. I thought the bar their working out of for the time being might be useful to someone else.

[Seattle] The Blue Screen

   Small Seedy Bar just off the 520 in the Redmond barrens spitting distance from the burnt out husk of some late 20th century corporate campus. No one really knows why it's called The Blue Screen anymore it just always seems to have been called that. Occasionally some local “band” puts on a “show” and play “music” none of them really live up to those labels but it brings in a crowd on nights there wouldn't normally be one. Tables are mostly overturned fiber optic spools leftover from when the Matrix was wired, the old guy, Vanian,  behind the bar spends most of his day slotting chips and letting the AR menu, a talking paperclip of all things, take care of things. It will rouse him from his addicted haze long enough to pour drinks to the poor slots that meander in during the day and he goes back to oblivion.

   At night a local elf girl, Chrissie, comes in and shuts down, the AR menu and takes a more hands on approach to running things, she leaves Vanian to sit behind the bar like a scarecrow. She knows everyone in the neighborhood by name and drink. There is an ork male working the door, Scabies, most night keeping trouble out as best he can doesn't say much mostly grunts and nod's to get his point across, most people don't ask too many questions with an enfield automatic shotgun over his shoulder.


50's, White, Human Male, graying red hair shaved away from his 'jack spends as much time as possible lost in his chips usual Cal Hot's but stronger if he can find them.

20's, White, Ork, Male, lightly augmented, shaved head, Stutters when he he does speak doesn't speak often.

Late teens, Black, Elf female long straight black hair, social adept (unaware) will probably put both Vanian and Slick Rick out of a job when she's ready

Slick Rick
Late 20's mixed ethnicity, (unknown heritage) Human male, has a shaggy mop of greasy black hair and a 2 days growth of facial hair crooked nose, uneven teeth his eyes never seem completely open. Operates as a small time fixer out of a corner booth, doesn't even grasp how small time he really is.
Troll bioadept with a throwing knife and a lube grenade looking for a good time.