[IC] Drowning in Shadows

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The Gentleman was quite pleased by the way things were going. It was strange, that's for sure, but he was having a ball. His only concern was if it was all a device to make him lower his guard... which he wouldn't do. At least, he could mantain Marcelle hidden.

As Veronica took him to the waiting room, he treated her with all the chivalry one could do; he could notice her expression of amusement: not only this kind of corteous treatment was not asked and was really something rare in these parts, he was also an ork... "John" has not seem a single ork in the building, which was not exactly a good sign, but so far people didn't treat him as a stranger. Was this because of his manners or because of their knowledge of his value? He couldn't say, but he made a mental note on it.
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'A questionnaire,' Sammy thought as she was brought into a room, 'the first time I've ever had to fill out a questionnaire.'
She knew that they would know a lot about her, one of the disadvantages of being famous, so she replied on those questions truthfully.  While doing this she was wondering what would come out of this if they would do it for the entire runner scene of Seattle.  Althouh a couple would probably first have to learn how to read and write.

She skips only the questions of intimite nature, should there be any.  The questions on past runner work she stays vague, questions on past life which has been out on the trid she answers as she knows they know it already.
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