Immortal Elves and Epileptic Trees

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In my home game, in the current campaign I am running, the immortal elves aren't really immortal at all. They're sentient packets of memetic information coded into elven metagenes. To put it another way, elves don't learn the basics of Sperethiel, they know it instinctively, and the "elven culture" isn't so much something concocted and passed down so much as it is a series of magical, viral memes that infect younger elves. To put it another way, all elves are prepared vessels for "Sperethiel," and Sperethiel has distinct packet series spirits that aren't actually self-aware until they're inserted into a host; this is the "immortal elf" syndrome. They didn't survive at all. They've just been passed through host to host that had just enough metagenetic expression to insert themselves. Not on purpose, mind you, on accident, and they never had direct control of the host, but the packet sure thinks that it does. These life forms are under the impression that they love the elven race and want to preserve it, but really all they're trying to do is preserve the life form that is Sperethiel; it doesn't matter if individual elves die, even the "immortal" ones, since it preserves Sperethiel to do so, and any "immortal" elf that dies is just going to make another elf want to copycat them so badly they'll start acting like them, talking like them, taking on their mannerisms, and eventually, start having the same plans.

How many other people have adjusted canon slightly to throw players off the trail, and how?
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