6E: Why are these rifles... ?

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Hi everyone,

I have more stupid questions about Sixth World edition.  This time it's weapons.

I've been asked, "why does the Ares Alpha and Yamaha Raiden have lower damage than the AK-97?  In 5th edition, these two weapons were popular due to the highest damage of the assault weapons."

So, what did happen to the these fine weapons?  What might make them better than the disposable AK?

Also, I've been asked, "why are all the hunting rifles so expensive?"

They do seem way more expensive than the previous edition.

5E: Ruger 100 -   1,300
6E: Ruger 101 -  11,100

5E: Remington 950 -   2,100
6E: Remington 900 - 12,000

5E: Springfield M1A -                    1,700
6E: Ruger M-1400 Springfield -  7,500

Thanks for your help!


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Weapons have different attributes, because they're different weapons.  Damage Value is just one of the numbers that can be tweaked up or down to create a mechanically different weapon.

As far as the cost goes.  For both editions there was a cost formula used, obviously a different formula for each edition.  Weapon stats are plugged into the formula, cost is output.  I doubt there is any consideration for what weapons cost in previous editions. 


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Perhaps lower caliber assault rifles (like Colt M23 based upon 5.57mm M16 / M4 Carbine and presumable also Ares Alpha and Yamaha Raiden) all now deal 4P while higher caliber assault rifles (like AK-97 based upon 7.62mm AK-47 and FN-HAR based upon 7,56mm FN-FAL) deal 5P.

Ares Alpha and Yamaha Raiden more than make up for it by both having an under-barrel grenade launcher (that you now also no longer need a separate skill investment to properly use) as well as also no longer being illegal to possess (even though they do come with an integral grenade launcher which is typically illegal if you were to buy one separately).
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