6E: Magic Reststance for Cyber Users

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« on: <07-24-22/1858:21> »
HI everyone,

Would it be untenable to give characters with cyberware an object resistance against spell effects (especially mana-based spells)?

For instance, what if the cyber'd character received additional body dice to resist magic damage attacks   based on the character's essence cost (from ware) divided by 2 (rounded up) in the Soak Damage step?  For Illusion or Detection spells, the Essence loss from ware divided by 2 is added to the character's defense pool. 

Another option would simply to give the ware user an extra Edge equal to Essence Loss from ware divided by 3 (rounding up).

What do you think?


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« Reply #1 on: <07-25-22/0628:37> »
I think this is not what the author intended, but on the other hand if you think this would make sense for you and your table then go for it (but I would advice you to first run the rules as written and see if this is actually an issue - before you start to house rule it).


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« Reply #2 on: <07-25-22/1059:28> »
I think it would be a really thematic thing for them to do, but for as much as they pay lip service to "magic and technology don't mix", in practice it's more like "magic trumps technology", because the antidote to magic is not tech, it's more magic.  That's the bed they've made and we get to lay in it. 
I think if you do this, take a light touch.  The game is balanced around the current state.  I like your Edge granting idea against mana spells.  And perhaps reserve it for truly low essence characters, like sub 1 or sub 2. 

For other mundane defenses against magic, look into Mystic Weave mod for armor.  It's expensive, but starting characters can get it.
Also look into mundane-friendly enchanted items in Street Wyrd.

Hopefully the augment book, Body Shop, has implant versions of Mystic Weave .