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We have a long term gaming group that has played a lot of D&D/Pathfinder in the past but we like playing many other game systems as well.  We play just about every genre, the last two non D&D/Pathfinder campaigns we've done have been Legend of the Five Rings and Shadowrun.  We like D&D (1st through 3rd), D20 (and all it's sub worlds/genres), L5R, White Wolf (no experience with new WOD, but old WOD, Exalted, have Changeling books but never gotten to play, etc), Hero System, Shadowrun, Mutants and Masterminds,  On the occasional Saturday that our campaign isn't being played, we still get together and play board (such as Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Twilight Imperium, Smallworld, and many more on my shelves) and card games (such as Magic the Gathering, Dominion, etc).
Our gaming group meets every Saturday from 10 am to midnight.  Four of our group have known each other for 10+ years.  As of late real life has thinned our group a bit so we are looking to fill some seats.  Our optimal # is 6 as we like to have 5 players and 1 GM giving plenty of roleplaying opportunities when the GM is occupied with other players.  We have 1 female member, and the rest are male.

We are looking for a gamer who can first of all deal with a health situation presented by one of our members.  This person has severe allergies and asthma that causes the person to take some precautions in day to day life and rarely leaves home.  The person has spent many trips on life support in the ICU of hospitals since the age of 20 and is now 29.  Most people who have visited have found the precautions to be of minimal impact on their lives however, and details on what it entails can be covered later on.

Going along with the health issues are food concerns, due to the severe allergies of the given member we are somewhat restricted on what food can be at the table.  (The person has been sent to the hospital simply from being in the same room as a pizza before.)  Because of this we primarily cook food here and simply ask for a monetary donation to help with supplies.  We do steaks with sides ranging from peas cooked with bacon, to potatoes, to roasted vegetables.  We do many chinese dishes, some on the rather traditional side (nothing too strange, we use beef tendon in the beef stew to help flavor it up, we use soy products beyond just the white tofu many are familiar with etc).  Three of our current members love eating extremely spicy food while the remainder can handle a fair amount of spice so sometimes we cook spicy dishes up (but can certainly tone that down or up for individual taste with a little chili pepper or hot sauce on the side rather than in the dish).

Second, we hope to find someone that is a somewhat vocal roleplayer.  We primarily have players who roleplay in character rather than by direction.  More interaction means more stuff going on, hopefully.  (We generally like to play on "good" aligned side of things.  We like to be heroes and the epic characters of novels etc.  Not bad guys.)

Third, like I mentioned earlier we like to play lots of games from lots of genres as a group so we hope to find someone willing to change things up from time to time.

And lastly we are strongly hoping to find someone who would ultimately make a good long term friend for members of the group.  We try to make sure we're not just a group with a "campaigns over, time to walk away" group.

Well, if I haven't scared you off from this very straight forward introduction you might be just the person we're looking for.  Please contact me!
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