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« Reply #15 on: <08-18-18/1246:14> »
The 1/3 for limits has been known to not be a good guideline for six years now. 1/2.5 is a better guideline.

I prefer to be more conservative, to many years of terrible dice luck. But I'll agree that the different 0.4 and 0.33333 isn't very big. It's simply my experience that players hate fractions.
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« Reply #16 on: <08-18-18/1549:57> »
Back of the napkin math is back of the napkin math. If I wanted to deep dive into statistics, I would be one of those psychotic people who does HERO System chargen math in their heads. :P

Anyways, the point is that, until you get to the truly insane levels, both the Katana and Red Samurai Katana are rarely going to have you losing hits. And when you have enough dice to make your accuracy a real limiting factor, called shots are a good way of mitigating that and making things nastier all the way around. And a highly skilled individual is probably more likely to go making skill shots anyway.
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« Reply #17 on: <08-26-18/2108:21> » namesake character has an ACC of 9 with her WF Katana.  Base of 7, + 1 for personalised Grip, + 1 for Enhanced Accuracy.

With her pool and using reach for offence (total 24 d6) she still often hits her limit (so the 1/25 guideline is more accurate).
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