SWT Monoloth Project.

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I've made no secret of how much I freakin love the sixth world tarot cards and book of the lost resources.  I've been doing some reading on them and looking for some clues, and found a few, but there isnt nearly ad much out there as I thought there'd be.  I decided to start writting what I find down to help decipher more of it, and figured I might as well put what I find up here as it comes out.

So project 1 is the monolith puzzle.  There are little symbols on the lower right hand corners of the cards, and BoL says that there wont be any more hints on them "for now."  So here is ehat I have found about then so far.  There are 21 different monolith symbols.  I just finished grouping them together.  A few of then look very similar, and at least one ist just another turned on its side.  A few features, likes dots in a specific shape and size, are shared by different monoliths.  For now, here are how they're grouped, alog with a couple initial thoughts.  Over next week imma looks at the groups more closely and see if I can find any patterns.

0,1,2,3,4, 21)  The Bastard, The Dragon, Two of Coins, Nine of Cups, The Shadows, Nine of Coins.  These are the only six with monoliths appearing on no other cards.  The shape on the Bastard looks a lot like a sandal, befitting its symbolism for the start of a journey.

5) Knight of Blades, Six of Cups, The Comet, Four of Coins, Page of Batons.  This symbol is the symbol on The Dragon rotated 45 degrees.  This group contains two Taco Temple cards.

6) The Higher Power, Seven of Blades, Queen of Cups, Five of Coins, Three of Batons, King of Coins, Nine of Blades.  Again, two Taco Temple Cards.

7) Knight of Batons, Knight of Cups, Aes Sidhe Banreigh, Eight of Cups, King of Cups, Three of Cups, Ace of Cups, The Hanged Man.  One card in this group features "The Case."

8) Queen of Cups, Vigilante, Eight of Coins, Six of Batons, ...404...

9) King of Batons, The Awakened World, The Avatars, Ace of Blsdes, Ace of Batons, Eight of Blades.

10) Queen of Batons, Four of Cups, Eight of Batons, The High Priestess, Two of Blades, Page of Coins.

11)  Seven of Coins, Discipline, Nine of Batons, Two of Cups, The Hermit, Page of Blades, Page of Cups.  One card features a red-pommelled katana that makes several appearances in the deck.  One card featuring "the Case."

12) Seven of Cups, Five of Blades, King of Blades, Nine of Cups.  One TT card.  Two cards featuring the same red-pommeled katana.  No major arcana.

13) The Ride, Ace of Coins.

14)  Knight of Coins, Threshold, Five of Batons.  One TT card

15) Ten of Blades, Three of Blades, Karma, The Chief Executive

16) Five of Cups, The Wheel of Fortune, Two of Batons.

17) Seven of Batons, Ten of Cups, The Matrix, The Eclipse, Four of Blades,

18) Queen of Blades, Two of Cups.  No major Arcana.

19) Four of Batons, Six of Coins.  The six of coins is a Taco Temple card AND features the Case.  No major arcana.

20) The Tower, Six of Blades, Ten of Batons.
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