Helmet Sensor Legal Solution

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No I don't mean getting a lawyer. :)  I've been wanting to setup some sensors on my ballistic mask for a bit, but the whole legality of putting sensors into the helmet has been bothering me.  I really don't like forcing a GM to negotiate or handwave things. 

So the solution I found was:  handheld sensor housing with the modular attachment for 50.  Not the awesomeness of having a sensor array, but that gives you 3 sensors, completely legal to put on your helmet.

Ideas I came up with:
Monocle (R1) running Image Link w/ Modular Attachment Handheld Sensor Housing (R1) running Ultrasound Sensor -- Aliens nostalgia; You get to run ultrasound without blinding your other vision enhancements; closed system no wireless.  295

Motorcycle Helmet with Respirator (R6) w/ Modular Attachment Handheld Sensor Housing (R1) running Laser Microphone -- listen to conversations in any car on the freeway all while breathing clean air.  650 (add an Atmo Sensor for only 100)