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« on: <10-18-14/0739:41> »
Hey I was just wondering is the Gear cards supplement worth it and should I get just the pdf or the pdf + Cards?


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« Reply #1 on: <10-18-14/1054:22> »
The cards are nice, especially for new players or for people with OCD. As for the PDF or PDF + Cards, do you have a nice printer to print out said cards? Nice paper will also help. If you don't, or don't want to waste the ink, then get the cards. The PDF is not very useful if you cant print out some decent cards with it
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« Reply #2 on: <10-18-14/1132:50> »
Not all the cards are in the pdf, it is a sampler. The cards are well done and give you a visual reference of whats in your inventory (or the spells you know) and the numbers needed in game but there are a lot of cards so consider sharing the cost with the whole table.

I have them. They were used to compare items during character creation with people new to the game but have not been pulled out in game.