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Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash - Machinists
« Last post by Hobbes on <11-28-22/1210:47> »

Seem like even if you have a Living Command Console or follow a Machinists Resonant Stream you can also, in addition, run even more autosofts by having the Software Emulator echo or by threading Emulate specific Program complex forms.

Would you say that a Living Command Console is compatible or incompatible with the Aspect Peripheral of the Machinists Resonant Stream?

My reading is that they are compatible.  And yes, TMs would be able to run more programs and autosofts.  There isn't really a balance issue (IMO) with that as the hardware side has a ton of options to add more programs.  Deckers and Riggers are balanced around running programs and autosofts, TMs shouldn't be an issue either.  My AI Rigger runs about a dozen and I had trouble finding useful things to do with all of the slots.  Baby Monitor on a Rigger?  Why not.   
Rules and such / Re: Jack jockey
« Last post by Hobbes on <11-28-22/1037:42> »
Jack jockey, when combined with other things, is broken.  In a vacuum without other things... it's fine-ish.  As Xenon says, you're still risking detection by getting physical access.  But their are other ways to get Direct Access now, including a couple ranged options.  That's what breaks it, IMO.
Rules and such / Re: Do Nagas have arms?
« Last post by Hobbes on <11-28-22/0835:42> »
There are also any number of drones that can act as hands.
Rules and such / Re: [SR6] Hack & Slash - Machinists
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <11-27-22/1839:35> »
So I know that, unlike previous edition, in this edition other people can access the matrix via their RCC and then slave their entire network it to your network - creating one big network that you get to defend.

But can you now access the matrix with your living persona (or a cyberdeck) and then, at the same time, slave one of your own RCCs to your own network and run your drones from that...?

I need to read up on the new supplements :-)

This is indeed the case. Devices can now be simutaneously master of their own sub-network and a subordinate device of a larger network in 6E, which is a deliberate change from 5E.

Note that such a subordinate device cannot extend their benefits upstream - all attacks and defenses from the network is based only on the top level master device's attributes, and an RCC subordinate device can only share autosofts and noise reduction to other devices specifically on the sub-network it controls.
Rules and such / Re: Do Nagas have arms?
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <11-27-22/1831:59> »
Note that you can GIVE naga arms with the Shiva Arms metagenetic quality.
Rules and such / Re: Do Nagas have arms?
« Last post by Reaver on <11-27-22/1544:38> »
Nagas are basically, really big, really smart, magically awakened snakes.

They use spells such as levitate, magic fingers, etc to overcome human life, but in their native habitat, they have no need.
Rules and such / Re: Jack jockey
« Last post by Xenon on <11-27-22/1026:31> »
Well, ignoring PAN and Host ratings when attacking or controlling devices is pretty powerful (borderline broken). The only balancing factor here is the physical proximity (but if you plan to do most of your hacking together with the team anyway then....)
Rules and such / Re: Jack jockey
« Last post by Smogg on <11-26-22/1450:53> »
Jack jockey with resonance wires is a really good idea. I think it is worthwhile to invest in. Nothing broken about it though.
Rules and such / Re: Do Nagas have arms?
« Last post by Xenon on <11-25-22/1439:37> »
Without arms, hands, or fingers, many Naga rely upon magic to operate in a world designed for bipedal creatures with opposable thumbs.
Official Announcements / Re: Shadowrun Release Schedule - 2022
« Last post by GRUD on <11-25-22/1413:26> »
Any idea yet if the Blackbird Trilogy will be released as an Anthology or not?  I think I asked Mr. Helfers at Gen Con (because they had 1 and 2 there), but at the time I was told they didn't know yet (or weren't sure yet).  Was wondering if they'd made a decision yet, or still trying to decide. =D 
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