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General Discussion / Re: Seattle edtion
« Last post by Fabe on Today at 14:43:58 »
OK,I ordered a copy from my FLGS but then took a look at some of the reviews on dricethough and started to get really worried. It seems like the book is still full of errors or was that just the PDF and things got cleared up by the time it went to print?
General Discussion / Re: Seattle edtion
« Last post by MercilessMing on Today at 13:42:33 »
Seattle edition has all the errata incorporated, up to current.  The Sixth World Companion includes a bunch of alternate rules that many people say fixes little issues people had with the core rules, like making armor do more and strength do more. 
The online FAQ also clarifies a lot of things.  Those three together make up what I'd consider a full game :)
General Discussion / Seattle edtion
« Last post by Fabe on Today at 12:35:34 »

How is the current stat of the Seattle edition of the core rule book? Is it full of errors and misssing content or has most if not all of the errata been incorporated into thsi one?
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Aria on Today at 11:31:25 »
Thanks Aria!  Do the alternate D/F numbers in your spreadsheet come from this?

LOVE your character generator spreadsheet, BTW!!
Yes, they do, it's one of the houserules on the first tab that you can turn on or off

And thank you :D
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Beta on <09-25-22/1815:02> »
I'm a big fan of a lot of the oddities toward the back end of chrome flesh, that is the symbiotes, the nanite based ware and equipment, and the geneware -- but thematically all the odd little enhancements.  I'm not asking that everything be ported over to 6e, and I admit I've yet to make the character that uses Smart Articulation or Skeletal Pneumacity, but those sorts of things get my brain racing, making me think of the sort of character (PC or NPC) that would make use of them, and so it widens my SR world more than something that fine-tunes popular enhancements does.  (and for that matter I have used the enhanced stomach that lowers your lifestyle cost, the electrical-eel type gland, and one or two other odd-ball things that I could squeeze in more for flavour/RP than anything else.  Although I really wised that the electrical-eel gland had an option that let you re-charge devices at a slow rate, would have made increased RP utility).

I second the suggestion above to have more things that use the wild die.  I wasn't a huge fan of the wild die, but since it is part of the rules might as well make use of it -- I do like how it works out for some weapons in Firing Squad.

Given the heavy demand on minor actions for characters with low reaction enhancements, relatively cheap ware that lets some specific minor action be done freely, or two minor actions to be combined, could be interesting?  Although likely too easily also used by those who already have a lot of minor action options.

Anything that helps generate edge outside of combat.  Avoiding abuse could be a challenge, but I like the idea of a character getting edge because they were 'doing their thing' really well, be that parkour or looking good or being unnoticed.  (I could also see exotic geneware giving targeted edge for specific skills, where it gives more instincts from some species good at the skill in question).

General Discussion / Re: Need some Advice on Artwork
« Last post by Reaver on <09-24-22/0103:32> »
All the subsidiaries are taken from the current corp book so that isn't a problem. I do though see what you mean about the response to an explosion...hadn't thought that way - was mainly thinking of corp reaction...tunnel visioned. I am unsure though of random onlookers cause the buildings seem to lean towards a corp complex instead of something on the everyday street...though a few corp cogs could be about...things to think of...

For what its worth, I get more of a "downtown" feel, than I do a "Corp Complex".

Corp complexes are generally more "orderly" then in the picture. Meaning they are thought out and laid out according design... its hard to explain, but generally complexes are built around a theme/function/process, meaning:

A Corp Refinery Complex would have the smelter and refinery close together (save on travel costs, and yes, there is travel costs even here!), followed by a casting house again close by (same reasons). Admin buildings would be grouped together, but away from production buildings. Worker support facilities would be located between production and Admin (wash cars, lunch rooms, medical, etc) for acess by both. Accommidations would be located opposite Admin (less noise and pollution).

As a general rule, the taller the building, the more production that must happen to cover the overall expense, this is because as a building gets taller, the upper floors get hotter (hot air raises remember), and thus more effort and energy must be put in to make the space usable... hence why you only find high raises in a downtown core, with the tallest groupings found in large cities... hence the "feel" of a downtown in the pic.

As such, there is no reason why you couldn't have competing corps on the buildings, as you would in any downtown... which also gives you room for your crowds, police, and first responders - heck you could even have competing corps first responders setting up control zones to STOP the other corps from coming too close! (Might make the picture too busy however).
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Greysword on <09-23-22/1738:45> »
Thanks Aria!  Do the alternate D/F numbers in your spreadsheet come from this?

LOVE your character generator spreadsheet, BTW!!
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Aria on <09-23-22/0400:47> »
Have you checked out Banshee's thought's on the matrix values of commlinks?  We use this as a houserule!
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Greysword on <09-23-22/0126:37> »
Turning off wireless is a great option, but the corps want everyone to be wireless on, and that includes runners.  They build whiz features for that. 

As for the second option listed, I don't think a Sami will every be able to fight off a "real" decker (especially with a low to mid Willpower score).  However, they should have enough defense from tech to be able to fend off the average teenager with dreams of being a decker, themselves.

The reason for the ask is not because there is a work around (wireless off).  Instead, it looks like the only ones that have decent cybersecurity are deckers and riggers.  Everyone else gets a max 3 firewall, and only if they pay for the best comlink.  That is a large disparity in five years time.

Maybe I'm being unreasonable, and I apologize if I am.  I just see a significant hole in basic cybersecurity in a world that lives and breaths through their wireless connections.
General Discussion / Re: Survey: Augmentations
« Last post by Hobbes on <09-22-22/0919:26> »
You forgot Wireless off.

And consider, if the Sami gets an option to be decker proof, does the decker get an option to be bullet proof?

Scratch built Junk RCC, build it into your Bike, not your head.  Run Silent, Run Deep program.  Hope for best.  Ultimately Wireless bonuses in 6th are pretty small.  Wireless off isn't a terrible option.
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