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Title: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <07-19-18/0345:13>
Roughly three weaks after their arrival - bnc had spent a good deal of this time in a hospital in Essen - suddenly a message pops up at Anna's commlink.

<@Anna <bunny im back to mun wanna visit me? got sthg nice 2 show u
writ down the ad on paper ill completely erase evry trace of the msg in 10 mins>
<geodata attached> >
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-19-18/0739:45>
Anna returned to old habits, ignoring the credstick that was supposed to change everything. She found an apartment and familiarized herself with the city and with other students about her age in the nearby university. Interestingly enough, she never formally registered, just bought a fake student card and attended parties and social gatherings. With only a rudimentary German, that offered an environment where she did not feel so alone.

She gets up from the bed, late morning leaving her lover for that night vast asleep. "Does he live here now?" she thinks uncomfortably when she understands that it has been a few nights already. On the one side, she used to share a room, and on the other hand... it was her place. Having a native to translate for her was perhaps worth the trouble, she also needed the company and the sex was not bad.

Her eyes brightened when bnc finally made contact, she has not seen her from the flight. She knew they were not girlfriends... and Yet, she felt abandoned in a completely strange city with a completely alien culture.  She imagined that bnc would at least help her get started... but she was her own 'bnc'ish and just went to get herself augmented or whatever.  Anna copied the address with an actual pen and paper and replied >> Sure, when should I come?

She Cursed herself for being so easy, but bnc was way more exciting than her routine of physical exercise, library visits to study and parties. One thing she noticed, having the possibility to magically enhance herself made understanding German and befriending new people easier.

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Post by: Volker on <07-20-18/0448:06>
<@Anna<thanks for deling the msg u r welcum anytime i aint goin nowhere promise i luv my life :) >>
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Post by: gilga on <07-20-18/0834:43>
Anna read the message a few times, and then texted >> Sure, how about tonight? Got plans?
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Post by: Volker on <07-20-18/1110:31>
<@Anna <always do always the same ;-) just drop by u like wiz stuff dont u>>
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Post by: gilga on <07-20-18/1610:08>
>> Its a date then, I'll come this afternoon. Say 17:00. 

With that, she showered and went to start her day. The encounter with Zola filled her with purpose, and she was researching some interesting options for spell defense.  It was not long before she was buried with books, (how uncharacteristically) in the library trying to force herself to read and to comprehend. The theory was clear, she saw spells manifesting and understood how she could instantly make mana scarce to weaken spells. In practice, it was more difficult and even after rigorous counterspelling experience, successful spell defense was more a matter of luck.

At about 16:00 she finished for the day and instead of heading to the gym like on other days, she went to visit bnc. She freshened herself up, renewed her cosmetics and then took a taxi... "How ironic that I became a bookworm... I really am not that good at this. There was the temptation to augment herself with magic and make the study so much easier, but Anna believed that shortcuts are bad for her in the longer run, and she needed to do so fair and square.  Easier said than done, visiting bnc was a blissful distraction.
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Post by: Volker on <07-20-18/1622:46>
Around half past 4, another message arrived. <@Anna <befre i forget ring@petra mijankovic>>

Shortly after Yael pressed the button, a soft buzzing sound signals that she can enter. An ARrOw indicates the door where "Petra Mijankovic" lives. It is unlocked.

When Yael opens the door, however, it's not bnc who greets her with a smile. Instead, a handsome young man stands before her, muscular and tall. He only wears a towel wound around his waist, and his right hand is wrapped in another towel.

[spoiler]Please make a Perception test and tell me the hits you scored.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-21-18/0053:54>
>>Alright Petra... I am still Anna - makes things easier. 

She follows the instructions and is more than a bit surprised by the man that welcomes her.  At first, she saviors the visual, enjoying the man's physic for a moment, but the towel on his hand makes a bit jumpy and uncomfortable.

"Aham... I am looking for Petra, did I get the right apartment?" She says.

Perception + 3 visual/audio ( 15d6t5 4
I scored 4 hits for visual/audio 2 otherwise.

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Post by: Volker on <07-21-18/0321:03>
# OoC
Anna easily sees through the disguise. The man is a well-made drone but a drone nonetheless.
Just out of interest: How the fuck did you get 15 dice on perception?

# IC

"No", the drone answers. Only if you know that it's not a real person, you can hear that the voice is a tad synthetic. Or is it just imagination because you know? "Petra Mijankovic has long left. It's just that nobody cared to alter the sign. But bnc's here if that'll do." The man-drone winks and steps aside for Yael to enter. You stand in a small anteroom. A chaotic assembly of shoes, jackets and - surprisingly - a stray sofa (leaned to the wall as the anteroom is too small for it to stand on its long side) is lying about. Anna can also see displays of additional security measurements: The door is reinforced with steel from inside. Both inside and outside small cameras are recording everything.

A glass-panel door to the left is shut, to the right you can see three doors, two of which you guess are the restroom and the bathroom. On the opposite wall, however, a door is open. This might be the living room.
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Post by: gilga on <07-21-18/0346:56>
She enters and says "An interesting toy... how realistic is he? Can you jump in and experience life as a dude? because that would be insane!". She appreciates the security of the place, this is much more than the lousy one bedroom she got herself in. She proceeds toward what she believes to be the living room, a bit more alert than she'd like herself to be. "Is someone trying to kidnap me?"

6 points in perception and 6 intuitition - 3 more dice from glasses and 3 from earbuds. As close as she gets from being augmented.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <07-21-18/0503:31>
The room inside is a mess. bnc lies in a heap on the ground on a small carpet, apparently asleep. Everywhere, electronic parts are lying about: connectors, wires, sheels, tags, chips, condensators. A huge toolbox stands opened next to the wall, a screwdriver next to it. Even a small welding machine and a protector lean on the wall. Between those heaps, you find half a week's worth of soyghurt cups, a half-emptied plastic box of industry fruit and an almost untouched pack of high-energy müesli bars as well as several bottles of nutrition-rich synthetic drinks, some Golden Mirror patches and an empty paper soykaf mug.
The drone gingerly takes your coat - it's still winter, after all - and hangs it on a hook. Then it says with a grin: "I already did, sweet meat. Isn't he wonderful? Isn't he marvelous?"

Indeed, the tan drone resembles the grown-up version of a beach boy. Dark hair, brown eyes, middle-long hair. A few stylisch LED tattoos pep up his otherwise smooth-as-silk skin. When he touches Anna in the process of undoing her jacket, the skin is cool but soft. The motions are astonishingly natural.
The drone shuts the door behind you.

# OoC
Sweet! That's remarkable. I never imagined Anna wearing glasses.
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Post by: gilga on <07-21-18/0646:17>
Anna lets her coat to the so realistic drone, "It sure has made you more polite, I am surprised" she said. Finding it a bit strange to refer to bnc in that physically delicious human-like drone... "He is quite gorgeous, this is confusing."

"... So you get to become a masculine beach boy and I need to work hours in the gym." Clearly impressed she took another look on the surrounding and on bnc, and then went back to the drone. Concluding that it was indeed the most interesting thing in the room at the moment.

She approached it and passed her finger on the masculine torso, admiring the synthskin.
"How realistic does that feel?"

#OOC I think about it something similar to Google Glass, rather than what we call glasses. A little screen close the eye.  (or perhaps just one of the eyes).
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <07-22-18/0515:37>
"Nah, really, it's just being me when I'm happy."
He/She/It smiles broadly, reveiling almost perfect teeth with just a hint of imperfection.

"You have a shitload of money. You can buy one for yourself, too. They come with massage and sex autosofts, if you want him to please you."
The drone himheritself touches Anna, first on the cheeck, then the cools fingers wander down her neck to her shoulders. "It does ... it does feel astonishingly realistic. Almost if you would touch me, only that your fingers are smaller. This is so awkward..."

# OoC Hm, perhaps. Never saw it that way. Makes sense, though.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-22-18/0632:58>
Anna closes her eyes in response to the touch, "It feels kind of exciting knowing that you touch me with this body. I don't think that an autosoft would have the same effect. Suspension of disbelief and everything, but if I would have such a drone and a rig in my head, the most exciting thing would be to sleep with somebody else using such a different body. At least if they wired the thing accurately enough to my nervous system.  It would change my entire view of self... it must be mindblowing."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <07-22-18/1451:20>
Hesheit grins and shakes his hand. "You want a Pepper plus?" Hesheit walks over to the frige.
"That's exactly why I invited you in. Have you ever considered the thought that drones are a working tool, designed to organize your schedules and prep your soykaf? You know, they come like this."

The bnc drone removes the towel around his waist with its left hand. Beneath, you see little more than an indentation. Just like a puppet, it does (of course) have no genitals.

"This is a Saeder-Krupp Direktionssekretär. It can learn a lot of things, but they come with a flaw.
Then there's the other thing: Men and women have entirely different hormone systems, even the brain structures are arranged in a different way. Especially those who are related to nervous tissue we simply don't frigging have. So, unfortunately, it's not that simple. You can't just hop into a drone and fuck someone."S
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Post by: gilga on <07-22-18/1627:41>
"Of course I can't.... got to buy that someone a drink first..." she grinned and accepted the pepper plus.  "Thanks, for the drink, bnc."  She looked for a comfy place to seat and decided to crush near bnc's body. "Perhaps you cannot do so yet, but I am sure that some brainiac would figure it out. I mean, you jump into a car and suddenly you have wheels and engine and a windshield and you suddenly feel things to the point of physical pain when the car is damaged...

So I am thinking if you can have an engine, wheels or a rotor... Why can't you have a freaking dick?
Are penises so complex that they remain beyond our reach? Heh... perhaps I am just too kinky for this world.  Though I am aware that our brains are wired differently, but this is kind of the point. To be someone else but still be yourself."

She is a bit disappointed when the beachboy drone has no genitals. "No sex autosoft I take it?  I'd probably miss a week or two from my life if I had a such a realistic sexdrone... I doubt I'll get out of bed, massage and sex and massage and sex... Then have it cook me a meal when I am hungry, and make a good cocktail or something.  Though, I'll grow bored eventually as AI's are still not as sophisticated as people."

She sighed
"However,  this room is not particularly clean or organized... This makes me a bit suspicious... what DO you use your drones for?"

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"Ah-ah-ah, listen more closely. I said "you can't just". I never said, I can't do it" Hesheit grins. "It's just more ... complicated. Thing is, this is not off-the-shelf-stuff. I'm gonna have to do a lot of hardwiring and programming before this works.
Sit down and be aware that I can see when you touch my dead me."

The drone, too, sits down next to Anna, shifting about until it looks comfortable.

"Okay, you've got access to AR, right? Look!"
bnc shoves an ARO over to you. It's an ad. "Unsurprisingly, Shiawase is doing the best ones. I believe that I could hardwire those cybergenitalia to the drone but reconnect the output streams to the control rig. I believe that I can find descriptions of which ports access which parts of the sensoric cortex. If I can dig up a detailled enough index map, I guess, I could do a a pretty decent male-to-female adaption. This'll need some serious adaption, though. But you know, once you get someone curious... So, what I'm basically gonna do - uhm, are you even interested in the details? Ooh, by the way, you can actually test those things in a VR, though the access is restricted to 5 minutes, and, yeah, it's only virtual. Still, kind of makes me sick."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-22-18/1751:28>
Anna watches the advertisement "This is ahm... bigger than anything I experienced. I bet when you go cyber you are not happy with less than perfect. Though,  I lack the sim module for true VR."
She takes a large gulp from the alcoholic drink and then says with a devious smile... "So... you are going through all this trouble just to give me a good pounding? I must admit that it is kind of romantic.  In a nerdy, twisted way. I like it." That evening turned out to be stranger and stranger, indeed bnc was unlike any other person Anna met. Though, she was not certain if it was a compliment. She was the most interesting one - she had to admit.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
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"You mean bigger like size-wise? Not necessarily. It's customizable. It's designed in a fashion that you can vary it in sizes between 13 and 30 centimetres. That's roughly, lemme think, 5 to 12 inches. I don't think everyone loves lying in agony for the next 2 days...

Well, anyway. What I - what? Who says I'm doing this for you? I just wanted to show you my awesome drone. This is only one additional feature among others. He's gonna be so frigging awesome, sex will be just a gimmik, barbie."
bnc/the drone looks thoughtful for a moment. "Doing you with a drone would be most decisively the most bizarre thing I've ever done. Even considering is more bizarre than most stuff I have done in my life. You ... you are serious, Anna, aren't you? Oh gosh..."
Anna notices a bizarre thing. The voice is definitely male, but it just somehow sounds still like a girl talking. But maybe it's just because she knows that's the case.
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Anna giggles a bit embarrassed "These are centimeters... Oh silly me"  Then she nods to indicate that she is serious., and after a short silence she adds."Mindblowing isn't it?... You got me excited - as I never had a lover that was both male and female.  Being excited is the first step toward an incredible experience. Afterall, if you think about sex for a moment - it really is all in our brains. If you only look at it physically then it is really not all that interesting."

She took another gulp from the drink. "What can I say, you are an exciting person, bnc. It is not the drone that is awesome it is you and how you can leverage it toward something remarkable.  I mean, you can do with this drone so much more than what Saeder-Krupp intended. " 
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The drone looks slightly embarassed, though it doesn't blush. "Uhm, at least I hope so. But it's going to need a hell of a lot of modding and I'm not sure if I can get it working. And mind you, it will still not feel like it does for a man. Rewiring sensoric inputs to certain areas of my sensorical cortex is really all I can attempt to do. I will try to abuse my auto-injector to emit hormones - especially testosterone and androstenone - when aroused but I have no clue how good my body will receive then and how strongly I will have to dose it. Fortunately, the basic stuff - you know, adrenaline, serotonine, oxytocine and stuff - is already controlled by the cybergenitalia off-the-shelf. If I can translate the signals of the 'ware into something the control rig can read, it'll be comparatably easy. I still haven't found a way, however, how to simulate the decrease of testosterone after the orgasm. That's basically what makes men want to cuddle after they're done. I might actually end up being aggressive and/or abusive after sex. Also, there's no way to make it..." bnc sighs.
"It's no more than a, uhm, how do you say? It's only half the rent. Still, it's pretty awesome, I guess. If it works. And I have no clue at all what to do with the balls"
She is silent for a moment. An awkward silence.

"I need a drink, Anna."
bnc's body stirs and gets up awkwardly. Then the drone stands in a smooth motion and walks over to the fridge.
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Anna grins surprised that that idea seems to actually be happening. She thought of a smart thing to say but ignored it as bnc seemed genuinely embarrassed by the thought. "Good morning", she smiled at bnc.
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"Morning." She smiles, then catches a well-thrown can out of the air and pops it open. After a long gulp, she turns to Anna.

"But there's so frigging much more to him. Take a look!"

She takes up his hand - the stump is still hidden under the towel, while the chrome hand is lying in a box, hardly recognisable, as the synthskin is undone and it's properly disassembled. "Uh, shit, not done yet ... I thought I could finish it before you come. Would you be nice and let me work just some 20 mins or so? Then we can go out or do girl stuff or whatever. Si?"
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Anna rolled her eyes and then said "Fine... I'll continue my research or something."  She would watch bnc for a few moments, and then immerse herself in some textbook. She is reading with her glasses and bnc can see her eyes moving but without a physical object in her hands.

For the first time in her life, Anna felt passionate about her craft, it felt strange that there was no structure at all this time. She wanted to study so she did and the textbooks were hard but she needed no external motivation to struggle with them.
She did not need grades, just the company of students roughly her age in her cycles before they turned into drones with too little in common with her.  Anna would be completely immersed and uninterested in the technical bits until bnc snaps her out of it. Which is a drastic change from how she felt in Seattle.

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It didn't take 20 minutes. More like the better part of an hour, but as Anna was studying anyway, bnc confided herself with humming happily and she screwed and molded and tinkered. After some five minutes, she offered Anna an ARO to share the music stream bnc was listening to - some middle-heavy metal that had a good rhythm for working - but otherwise left her pretty much to herself.

Finally, bnc gets up and walks over to James. With a soft click, the hand engages, a mental command locked the security bars. Carefully, almost tenderly, she applies the synthskin shell, then smiles proudly.
[color="red"]"Anna? Do you want to see it?"[/color]
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She replied "Heh?... Is it ready? because I am getting hungry. "  and then looked with curiosity. "What do you want to show me?"
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The drone stretches its hands out. Yael almosed misses the slight change: Between his fingers, some kind of tissue has appeared, giving his hand a fin-like appearance.

"Isn't that wiz? Uhm, now, seeing it from your perspective, it's maybe kind of underwhelming..."
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Looking not impressed she said "I waited an hour for that? We could have made some fancy latex gloves or anything... what does it do? Can he swim faster now? I mean, I am not even sure if drones can swim at all... No, I am completely lost. Tell me. "
Title: Re: bnc's basement
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Slightly less euphoric than before, she says. "Uhm, I can see why you're not impressed. Yes, they are actual finds. I'll attach some to the feet as well. I had the whole fragging thing sealed and whaterproof. Can you believe that those drekheads of engins charge another 16,000 euro just for the drone to be water-proof? My fragging soykaf machine is waterproof. It's just not fair.
This drone is going to be my new body. It can stay under water forever, it has fins, climbing claws" - a pair of hooked claws appear at the back of the hands "will soon have hydraulic-supported jumping, a built-in gun and, well, and a cock. I'm not sure yet as I'm only just beginnen but I think I can mod him up so to run astonishing 80 miles per hour. He can climb, swim, jump and run. And I am him. Do you understand what that means? With this, I'm not only a nove-hot decker and a profound rigger, I'm also a fast and versatile gunman. And I've only just grown-up. Give me ten more years..."
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"Underwater? Climb... Run... you are like some superhero, how does it go? do you need to study gymnastics for him to do some parkour? Or can you like program him to do so for you?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
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"That's a bit difficult to explain ... it's some kind of both I'd say. When you do rigging for a while, you kind of start to rely on some automatic motions and routines intuitively. So it's not quite like actual running but it's also not just leaning back. It's the perfect symbiosis of a brain and a machine. It's just ... brilliant. And which the latest nanites I just received a week ago, the process is perfected. Basically, you could imagine that there are thousands and thousands of really small drone insects crawling through my brain and enhancing the connection between my intuitive grasp of motion and my control rig.
Anna, the 2070 are an awesome time to be rich."
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Anna laughed "Well... We may need to rob another bank soon. You are living my dream bnc."
She sighed with a combination of frustration and admiration. "So perhaps I can take your meat to a dinner and then a party?"
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"That's ironic...", she says.

"Yeah, I believe that's actually a good idea. I need to get some fresh air. I've been spending days with James already. Do you have something in mind?"
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Anna says "Do you like Sushi? There is this Japanese restaurant that I am hot for. Sunshine or something. As for a party, some of my friends are going to the underground. I take it you dig metal, I think they have a DJ for that -but I've never been there."
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"I'm not sure whether or not I can digest sushi, to be perfectly honest ... uhm, let's try it. And if I don't lie down with nasty cramps, we go to the party. I hope you don't mean something like the ork underground. Although..."
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"Ahm... Just look it up."  She said and stood up picking her jacket. "Ready to go?"
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"Better yet, let's try it out. Yep, let's go!"

bnc follow Anna wherever she leads her.
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Anna leads toward a small and kind of romantic Japanese restaurant, it is dark inside the walls are spotted with lava lamps like an effect of reds and greens and large aquariums with live fish - or a disguise of such. Difficult to know in the dark, the restaurant is relatively crowded but there is room for two. The elf hostess leads them away to their table wearing some sort of robe with a circle of a sun painted on it. 
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"That's a nice one. Do you know it?"
bnc follows her, feeling slightly out of place with her hoodie and her valued armor jacket. She eases herself down and looks around, as if she was in a restaurant for the very first time in her life.
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Anna replies "Let's just say that my answer to 'what would you do with a million dollars... boils down to plenty of sushi." The tables are low and there are no chairs, but pillows to sit on. Anna seats, and then browses the AR menu ignoring the physical one on the table.  She seems to know what she wants and orders her favorite combination.

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"Guess it's about time to remind my stomach of his tasks..."

bnc herself orders salmon sushi as both rice and salmon are supposedly easy to digest. Or so she hopes.

"So what have you been doing while I had me sliced open like sushi?"
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"Well, the first thing I did was asking a favor out of a contact of mine to get me connected to some local criminals.
I got a fake university student card and then rented an apartment near the university and hooked up with a bunch of party-loving students that nicked me Gurgle thanks my unjustified trust in you. There is Stephan, that thinks he is my boyfriend or something... I met him at the gym and he is a goblinized version of your beachboy. He is quite delicious but we have nothing in common, it is nice having him around at the apartment.

During the days I mostly study spellcasting and spell defense techniques. This forces me to read a lot of books -which is difficult but I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself for learning how to read so late in my life. At evenings I am usually at the gym, trying to make myself as strong as I can be. Once a week I practice at a shooting range to keep my pistol skills up to speed. All in all, it is nice not to think about money. Gives me so much more time."

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"Wow, who would have thought of this? You're actually putting your time to good use. Shouldn't you be, I don't know, wasting your time in a very Yaelish manner? Sorry for the Gurgle. Guess we're even now. How the fuck could you believe I was serious? This is hilarious."

bnc leans back and decides that the atmosphere is quite agreeable. "You're doing an ork? Wow. How is he?"
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Anna laughed "I am a bit naive, I get that all the time." She shrugged "He would have a lot in common with Yael, very impulsive, lives the moment, loves passionately and intensely, and he never seems to be alone, he has a 'gang' which makes it less lonely. "

She sighs "I wish I could be like him again, but that bank job touched something deep in me. I felt like the helpless child from the Barrens again. Bad things happened and I was powerless to defend myself, my spirit sacrificed itself on its own volition a sapient being went willingly without me compelling it to great agony just to keep us from harm.  She did that for me without even knowing me. I did not tell her to do so, but had I felt less helpless she wouldn't have to.

I... could not imagine myself jumping a grenade... and I actually slept with Zola and was vulnerable to him. The man likely killed Eve just because I impersonated her. He could have just as well killed me for touching his SOK. None of you could protect me. I mean, the way he murdered these people... I...  Let's just say that sleeping with a strong orc eases my nightmares... I don't like to sleep alone."
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Post by: Volker on <07-24-18/1121:37>
bnc listens, realizing that a month ago, she would have said something sarcastic. Now, she only says:
"A sleep regulator can help with nightmares, too.
But don't worry too much about the victims. They were not our fault. Quite the opposite, I believe we saved a great many lives. And you don't know whether the spirit is actually dead - or if it has even been alive. We know too little about spirits to blame ourselves. It sure was a sacrifice, mind you, but I doubt you could compare it to jumping on a grenade.
And don't say we couldn't have protected you. He tried to rip up your sorry ass, and we did protect you."
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Anna laughed, "Well he was quite successful the first time... Got cocky the second time... "
After a short while, she continues "The only one I feel bad for is Eve. I am considering sending her family some money or something. It is not that we are responsible, is that she is the only innocent in this story.

The annoying thing is that Zola is the first person to ever take me to a concert, and serve me with some really good alcohol. It was very special to me, I never had a lover quite like that and I did enjoy my time with him and even sleeping with him. It is strange, whenever I think about classical music, I also think about murder.  What angers me the most is that he ruined classical music for me, I feel selfish saying that...

When I sleep and I wake up screaming, perhaps it is my way to process it. It does not happen every night and Stephan makes me feel safer. I totally agree with anything that you say but it was much to cope with emotionally. I think that I am on the right track, but it takes time for me to recover from something like that."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <07-24-18/1814:04>
"Sheesh, and I though I'm fucked up. Piece of advice: Don't fuck terrible bloodmages if you can't stomach the guilt of having fucked a terribel bloodmage. It's not as if you hadn't known. Do you know for certain that he geeked Eve? I somehow missed the piece in that hell we were in."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-25-18/0419:06>
She grinned and said "Well, I fuck terrible people... Its a character flaw."
Then she continued "...but it is not guilt, I think that the first time of anything feels kind of special isn't it? Don't you remember fondly your first deck for example?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <07-26-18/0612:38>
"Do you want to tell me something by that remark?

Oh, oh yes. Renate was my gateway to heaven, my wings!"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-26-18/1223:03>
"So, when I learned to play the guitar... I liked going outside music places and play. Knowing that people might be more generous with their tipping. I dreamed of being inside the building and not on the outside.   That first time for that childish dream is lost for me. All these beautiful memories that now lead to an emotional hole.
Maybe it is not the same thing, I don't know... Nevermind if you cannot understand it, it is a poor comparison you being a virtuous decker and me being an amateur musician. "
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <07-27-18/0926:27>
bnc is positively confused. "What's music got to do with you sucking a bloodmage lollipop and then feeling disgusted by it?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-27-18/1032:52>
"That part again? get over it, he was a reasonable fuck and I was super nervous before that because I never actually been a call girl. I did all sort of strange jobs - but not that one - and he was a powerful mage that could see through the ruse simply by asensing me. I could get caught like any moment of that meeting...  and please, Flatline could not even play the client without any risk to himself. So honestly, I deserve some slack. Given what he was actually like, it was monumentally dangerous and he could just randomly murder me when he was finished.  I wonder how he could be a functioning member of society, with that kind of behavior.

It is not that, we did, got the money and survived. He took me to a concert... a good one!  Perhaps you do not understand how it is to grow up wanting something and never having it. Then you get it, but your mind connects things all wrong. Like you get the deck for the very first time, but what if every time you use it you think of a painful experience that you'd rather suppress deep inside. 

I thought it was a bad analogy because I feel like I can't play anymore, but I doubt you'll ever feel like you don't like to deck anymore. "
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <07-29-18/0858:56>
She enjoyed the Sushi that was served, a large combination with plenty of food. Anna apparently liked to eat, and her new training regime dictated eating quite a lot. 
She changed the subject by saying: "... Would you terribly suffer to go to a concert? Without hacking the symphony that is..."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-16-18/1030:42>
bnc sighs. "You know it's difficult if you change mood, topic and purpose every second or so. First you complain about how terrible the whole experience was, when I ask you tell some entirely unrelated story and when I ask you how one thing has to do with the other you tell me to get over it? I understand that you are a chaosmage, but could you try and stick to some kind of red thread? This is tiresome..."

bnc herself starts to dig into her sushi more carefully. At least three times too often, she found herself kneeling over the toilet, curled up and craving for painkillers or wishing that she could be kneeling over a toilet.

"A concert..? Actually, I'm in the mood for one. Do you have something in mind? Aw, jeez, it's been ages since I properly partied for the last time! Where would you take me?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-16-18/1552:43>
She digs into her Sushi and seems disappointed that bnc cannot digest hers. "I have no problem with sleeping with the blood mage. My thought is not linear and is filled with contradictions, and associations... one leads to another. I don't have a problem with the Blood mage being a monster. It is the linkage between the concert he took me and murder that annoys me.  A linkage that I need to break somehow... I don't know if it makes sense.

You said that your first deck was named Renete? why did you name her like that? "

... After bnc returns from the toilet for the second time Anna comments.  "Since you are the brainiac, I'll give you an homework. Is there a health spell that can make you digest food better? If so, I'll study it for you, and I'll find a way to sustain it for as many hours as we need. You are missing out on one of the pleasures of life..."

She said "Tonight, we go dancing..." she smiled gingerly, and then adds "But there is a Mozart symphony on Wednesday - if you want to go with me."

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-17-18/0353:07>
# OoC I think there was a misunderstand. bnc is only eating slowlier and more careful as she had problem before. So far, the Sushi isn't causing any problems!

"Ah, now you're making sense. You want to break the association. That's not going to be too difficult. It's just a matter of undoing classical conditioning. What you have to do is to expose yourself to the conditioned stimulus without expierencing the unconditioned response, though I'd suggest you start with a stimulus similar yet not too similar to the previous lest the conditioned one perpetuates itself. Basically, what they do in behavioral therapy, I guess.
In other words: Go to concerts that don't remind you too much of the bloodshed and avoid getting into killings, enjoy yourself und you'll be fine in time."

bnc smiles when you ask her about her first deck. "The worst deck I know of is the Erika MCD-1. As my first tool - basically little more than a 'link with a stealth dongle - was not even a real Erika, I just called her Renate. It was meant to be nice.

I don't know of any health spells so far but I'm considering buying a nephritic screen. That might do the trick. But it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not so much into food, to be honest.

What, Mozart? You want to dance to frigging Mozart??"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-18-18/0023:07>
Anna listens "This is the most ordered thought I heard today, kind of like what a shrink would tell me. If I could trust one...

... Did you name your other decks? "

Anna laughs, and giggles when bnc mentions dancing to Mozart. "No, I invited you for a metal party at a new place named the Underground... There is a classical music concert later this week if you are into that."

Oh... sorry I misread it.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-19-18/0433:23>
"By now you should be used to the fact the the most ordered thought of the day would be one I uttered."
bnc winks. "Y'know: I've had enough experience with shrinks to know what they are talking. And I've done enough research to get why. I also think it'd actually work if you brought up the discipline to get through with it ... and know which stuff is good and which not. Try and follow my prescription, and you'll see whether I'm right or not.

Actually, no: I never named my other decks. Think of it like this: Every girl remembers her first kiss. But who remembers the first kiss with the third dude? Erika was special. She was not a deck but she made all the difference between nothing and everything. She was my savior, my guardian angel, my hand in the clouds. She brought me here. The rest ... it was an upgrade, and a good and necessary one. But I wouldn't name my new deck any more than I'd name my cerebral booster. The only other thing I named is Tom here."
She smiles genuinely and taps her gun. "Although this little bugger is the reason why I lost my sister."

She sighs relieved. "Okay that's way better. The Underground sounds exactly like the place you'd want to go more or less unarmed when your head is worth several thousand nuyens... ahem. Yah, we'll do just fine, I guess. But classical music? No fragging way. There's more I can do with my time than that. Do you listen to classical??"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-19-18/1227:16>
She said "I am pretty sure we are way beyond a patient-therapist relationship, but I'll try. "

She listens to the deck story "Tom... I had an ambiguous feeling toward my first gun. It hurt me a lot, yet it offered power. How is Kerstain related to Tom?"

"I used to listen to classical until I met a certain Blood mage... I like neoclassical better, where computers help the conductor achieve perfection, by slightly timing the individual instruments. I used to beg by the opera house. So perhaps it is a bit of nostalgia."

"Though, the underground is great for tonight."

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-21-18/2238:16>
bnc rolls her eyes. "Stupid, you can never be beyond heeding advice from someone who knows better.

There's no direct connection. You know the story how they departed. It was me who brought Dmeyk to factcheck. I got to know him at the shooting range. He was my tutor. If I hadn't had Tom, I'd never have met Dmeyk, and neither would Kerstin have. Nothing of all of that crap would have happened."
She sighed, but also smiled. "And I would probably never have become a real bad-ass shadowrunner decker rigger freaking monster. Which is awesome I think."

bnc stuffed the last sushi into her mouth, carefully staying away from the wasabi.

"You used to be a beggar? How come, and how did you rise to become a student?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-22-18/0043:29>
She replied "Guns do change everything."  to bnc's question she answered "Well... I was a weakling and had no technical skills. I did not even know how to read. I was good for nothing, but I had a natural charm and agility. I was good at singing, playing the guitar, and I could pickpocket. So I did what I could my part to support the family. Whatever, I could hide from bullies that often robbed me, and I was powerless to resist. I kept what I could hide on my body..." She grinned as if remembering a joyful memory. 

"Well, one day my no good brother and I get caught with our hand in the cookie jar. A suit probably augmented one. He caught us pickpocketing, and pulled out a gun, running after us. Not just a gun, an Ares predator! "

She took a bit of sushi, in and paused for a moment.  "My brother kept running, but I stopped to surrender, and offer the man his wallet back. It was not a matter to get killed over. Asshole shot me regardless, he was furious and out of control..."

Her smile widened "but the power balance changed when I was laying there, bleeding out, and playing dead. The man got nervous and called his lawyer which yelled at him not to call her from his regular link after he murdered a girl. He dropped his gun and link into a nearby trashcan and left me laying there.

... Even my brother left me there. I was wounded, and alone. I stood up on my feet, and instead of getting help, I started digging up the gun and link, while steel bleeding out. It was the first time I touched a firearm. Then I went to some "do-gooder" clinic and collapsed.  People like Flatline that I never understood. I was cursing Larry for leaving me there the whole time."

She sighed "When I got up I was a different person, and I had a gun. So naturally, I took less shit from people and was robbed less frequently, and I practiced for hours with that gun. Larry stayed, his coward self, but I evolved...

So once I awakened, I knew that I'd develop the skill one day. I learned how to read, and everything even though I had no idea that I'll end up in university. "

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-23-18/0006:56>
bnc nods in what could be appreciation. "A nice story. I honestly was sure that you sucked someone's dick to get your first gun."
She turns away, showing an odd uncomfortable expression for a split-second.
"Where did you get the money for tuition, and a SIN?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-23-18/0306:37>
Anna replied, "A strange way to appreciate my oral skills, I was a virgin at the time, my family is conservative... They'd rather I wait until marriage." 

"Follow the money, clearly you are a good detective. Getting the money was easy, The Finnigans paid for my tuition and SIN. The tricky part was paying them back... to your disappointment, that part did not involve dick sucking as well. Initially, I did odd jobs for the Mafia, but then I realized that rich brats would pay to succeed with the ladies... Or to be the light of the party, improve charisma spell paid for much of my tuition. That and sustaining it for hours, while other people are enjoying themselves. "
(Finnigans are Seattle's Mafia family)
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-23-18/1238:00>
"You didn't cocksuck yourself to success because your mommy didn't want? Whose mother would?
Who are those Finneys?
I'm not disappointed ... just ... surprised. You seem the kind of girl who would use their body if they must, and in the beginning, until they have some capital, I guess most girls do that."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-23-18/1313:13>
She seemed a bit repulsed from the idea."I do not sleep with people for money... Except if that money is like a million nuyen, and they are insane Blood mages. "

"It is complicated with my mother; I am one big disappointment. I can barely screw a bolt,
I awakened, turned bisexual, went to university, got in bed with the Finnigans, and I think that their car stealing business is stupid. "

"Don't call them that to their face, Finnigan is Mafia - they control a lot of the criminal activity in Seattle. My parents pay them a cut from their loot, or else we get our home burned down, murder Larry and me and force them to watch. "

"I had to work for these people for a while, doing all sort of questionable favors to pay off my debt. I don't want any further interactions with them. Though, my parents are in bed with them, and they might appear on my doorstep with demands because of something stupid they did."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-24-18/0956:25>
"Well ... I did it."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-24-18/1150:21>
Anna's smile widens, and she says "You are such a badass", she reaches for bnc's hand, and gently strokes it.

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-25-18/0459:03>
bnc pulls back her hand.
"No. I just wanted something very, very badly."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-25-18/1602:27>
She says "That you did...", and then takes the last of her sushi.  "So, do you want some desert before I take you dancing with a bunch of orcs at the Underground?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-26-18/0444:10>
"You mean a dessert?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-26-18/1301:25>
She explained, "I mean chocolate..."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-26-18/2310:16>
"Uhm. If it's light chocolate, I'm okay... as long as it is lactose-free but that shouldn't be an issue."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-28-18/0017:24>
She asked the waitress for some lactose-free chocolate flavored treat...The young human seems perplexed and went to consult with her superior. When she was back she offers the chocolate souffle.

Anna happily orders it. "One souffle... two spoons."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-28-18/2259:10>
# I actually believe that chocolate is lactrose-free by default as in SR, it's usually made of soymilk. Also, if they have it on the list, she doesn't need to talk to her superior. If they don't, he can't just decide that they have it.

"That's a kind of chocolate cake, isn't it? I'm not sure I ever ate a souffle, and I love the way you Americans pronounce the words. It's as close to rape as you can come."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-29-18/0007:27>
#Perhaps the ice cream that it often comes with has some lactose in it?

"It is a cake... very comforting." she snorted "You have the most outrageous metaphors... Whats in an accent? A souffle is as sweet, whatever name you call it. Does it matters if we pronounce it differently than the ... French?" The last word was a question as to the origin of the word.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-29-18/1056:57>
# whatever

"What's in an accent? Geez, only Americans and Germans can be so ignorant... You ... You- A word consists of two elements: The audible form and its meaning. You can change neither one as you want. A word is a word, and any change to it is ... it's like taking a picture and drawing over it.
And yes, it's French. And it's pronounced soufflé."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-29-18/1618:10>
She chuckled "Your life is honey, sweetie... Mine are much more mundane, I never actually imagined getting out of Seattle." She took a bit of chocolate and closed her eyes... "Souffle, chocolate cake, or whatever... it is good". 

When the two are finished with the souffle, Anna's eyes lit up..."So you want to meet my Vurk?". She was clearly looking up for that.

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-29-18/2323:36>
"What on Earth is a Vurk supposed to be?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-30-18/0523:08>
She said "So your linguist abilities have their limitations... It is short for Vurken, a boyfriend in Or'zet."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-30-18/1256:40>
bnc falls silent for a second, pondering on what Anna just said. She then looks her in the eyes and asks: "You kidding? Ar dromon riyashul Or'zet. Ar ma rana ork. Ora ar hangrono hek ur dromaz Or'zet, shakar hek?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-30-18/1553:36>
Anna replied and was a bit slugish and hesitant with the words. She speaks English very fast, her German clearly takes concentration.
"Ich spreche nicht Or'zet oder was auch immer das war"

OOC: mainly for myself:
(Translation: I do not speak Orz'et, or whatever that was.)
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-31-18/0035:07>
# well translated! It's perfect.

"Ich auch nicht, aber Singularity spricht Or'zet." bnc cracks a genuine smile.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <08-31-18/0058:09>
"was ist Singularity?" She asked.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-31-18/0424:32>
"Singularity is, for me, the personification of freedom and power. Only, it's not a person. Singulartiy is the name of a skillsoft network. I had skilljacks and skillwires implanted into my brain and body. With the singulartiy membership, I can just download the basics of any field of knowledge, language or even activity and use it as if I had learned it. I can download friggin' jazz dance and get going. I won't be good at any of these but with a little bit of research and the basics, you know what things I can do. It's just soooooo awesome!"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
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She said clearly impressed "So Singulatity gives skills... and with my health magic augmenting body and mind you can be really good at anything, at a whim."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <08-31-18/0719:52>
bnc ponders at this for a second, then nods.
Then grins.
And her grin widens.

"Let's try it! What will I do? Playing a music instrument? Drawing? Juggling?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-01-18/0514:01>
She said, "Perhaps drawing is the most accessible? Could you possibly sketch my portrait in a nice manner?"

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-02-18/0038:04>
"All right!", bnc exclaims excitedly, "cast the spell to improve my artistic sense, and let's go. Uhmm... do you want a portrait, a caricature or maybe manga style?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-02-18/0111:30>
Anna said "Caricature!  It leaves room for some artist interpretation"....
"Come to the loo with me..." She said grinning. There out of sight she'd cast the improve intuition spell on bnc

OOC: She has 17 dice in health spells, so I'll just take 4 hits.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-02-18/0155:23>
# Drawing ( 12d6t5 2 meh, I could have just bought more hits than this -.-
"Fine by me!"
bnc loads a free sketching program and shares the AR feed with Anna. It's a not so artistic sketch, that's not altogether bad but far from being especially original. It depicts Anna with a too big smile, too big eyes and too big breasts.

"Hm", bnc says upon finishing. "I think I still have to get used to these techniques ... give me another chance. I'll do a portrait now!"

# Drawing ( 12d6t5 4

"Wow ... this is ... this is you, Anna. I really just drew you! The techniques, they just ... I just knew them. This is ... this is so cool!"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-02-18/1147:24>
Anna grinned "...and I did not have to blow you, send me the drawing, it is really good...! You sure you never drew before? It is me, and yet it is an interpretation rather than a photo. "

She added "This kind of things is how I paid for university. It combines really well with Singularity... It also helps that you are naturally gifted in these things. Would be harder with most physical tasks I assume... Then again, you have James for this kind of tasks. Sadly, my mojo only works on people. "

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-03-18/0659:24>
bnc beams. "Nope, but one day I might still ask you to do it anyway." She giggles. "The relationship to you might well be the most awkward I ever had. You'll certainly be the first one to give me a blowjob ... Anna, do you realize that you might be the first person ever to give a girl a blowjob? Isn't that exciting?"

She then sends Anna the photo, making sure to copy it for herself to. She really was impressed.

"Hm, it might not work on James, true. But it'll still work on me and I'm the one steering him. Maybe we just need to think around the corner ... I'm not sure, however, how this would work. We'll find it out, however."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-04-18/0342:28>
Anna says "Technically, you'll be the first girl to physically enjoy a blowjob. I assume that plenty of girls received and gave one to each other... you know strapons and their ilk are perhaps with us since they invented belts....

It is strangely exciting though, kind of arousing even that you go to this length to experience it with me."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-05-18/1402:35>
"Bah, it's not a blowjob if it's a strap-on. No more than using a dildo is having sex. This, though... This is supreme. Chemistry, medicine, cybertechnology, neurobiology, psychology and raw desire ... all the ends meet up to one of the strangest thing ever.
But back to the skillwires!
What do you say: Shall we bring this bag of meat back to my flat, enhance my spirit with whatever spells might work and then see whether or not I can get James dancing like a pro?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-07-18/0400:54>
She replies "Kind of awkward now... Wouldn't you rather make the first impression as yourself"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-07-18/0414:23>
"To whom? Some strangers at a club? Why?"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-07-18/0947:20>
"I was hoping to introduce you to my friends and stuff..."
Title: Re: bnc's basement
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"Don't you think it's even more exciting?
But no, patience. I want him to be finished before I unleash him to mankind. Okay, let's rock!"
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-09-18/0211:38>
"The Underground", is a large goth-themed wine cellar, that seemed to have been specially renovated for the party. Many of the patrons are dressed in goth or vampire-like decorations, and the drinks names are themed similarly. It is a 'pop-up' party, a place renovated to house a party one day and would be unrenovated by morning and returned to its original use. The cool air is naturally warmer than the outside, and as the two
The music is currently a loud filler with some hypnotic periodic trance.  It is quite early, and the place is not yet full, the place clearly was not there yesterday - as the place used to be a wine cellar. The oversized wooden kegs are astonishing. The place seems to somehow instill a sense of danger, on the occupants perhaps in some low-level magical effect. The AR decore is subtle and adds blood stains, as well as eyes that moves with the occupants at some of the large-scale portraits that seem to emerge from the oversized kegs.

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-12-18/1342:49>
# May I assume that they went home to put on some make-up, redress and stuff?
# What size is Anna, by the way?
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-13-18/0620:35>

# Sure, sorry for jumping too fast. size as in cup size? She is a D.

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-13-18/0845:17>
# :-D size as in size (height/weight)
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-13-18/1021:22>
I envison her as 70 kilograms and 175 centimeters tall. bnc is shorter and skinnier I imagine.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-16-18/1744:38>
With a little help - yes, bnc was in such a high spirit that she even let Anna help her with the make-up - bnc turned herself into a goth girl as good as she can ... which is not as good, considering that bnc doesn't even have dresses, let alone corsages or anything like that.
Still, they do what they can manage. bnc borrows a dark mini-skirt from Anna, as well as a partly transparent black shirt under which she wears a crimson push-up. Her hair is a full mane of black with a single white stripe. She paints her fingernails black and also uses a dark violet lipstick. For her cybereyes, she downloads a blood-red overlay, and the bio-tattoes appear as barely visible vines, growing out of her decolleté and a single trail of black streaking down her left eye, as if she had been crying.
She also programs a little AR finish touch: Every now and then, little spiders crawl along her arms or into and out from her clothes.

# not really smaller. I thought she'd be 1,74. But definitely skinnier, and with no boobs at all.
Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: gilga on <09-19-18/1525:14>
Anna starts with her second skin, which gives her skin a shade of extra natural paleness as would be expected from a vampire, she also throws a bunch of thematic goth-themed tattoos on her hands, back, and shoulders. Mainly a sizeable horned daemon on her left arm and a spider web with a skull on her right. She adds fake fangs, to complete the look and then slips some beautiful black lacy undergarments. She invests much attention in these, perhaps hinting her plans for the rest of the night. Finally, she puts on a simple black dress with a generous cleavage.  Once dressed, she makes an effort for her face to match the general vibe she tried to achieve with her body as mistress of the night.

"You should show me that spider thing, it is cool... " She comments, and asks "How do I look?"
After a short pause, she adds "I got a surprise for you!" with excitement.  In response Anna pulls out the Blood mage's ring and tosses it to bnc, "Recognize it from somewhere?"  she asks.

Title: Re: bnc's basement
Post by: Volker on <09-20-18/1519:59>
While they're dressing, bnc casts a look every now and then, a look filled with both contempt and admiration, maybe even envy. She refrains from commenting, however.

When Anna asks bnc about the "spider thing", bnc knows better than actually trying to explain what it is. She just skips the answer and ... skips the next one, too, as the only answer to that question could be to shove a hot iron into her face. If Anna waits expactantly, bnc cocks an eyebrow, meaning something like: 'you don't actually expect me to comment on your looks, do you?'

Anna does, however, catch bnc's attention when she casts the ring to her. "I ... I think I do. I just can't put my finger on it. What's that?"
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Anna is a bit disappointed when bnc does not comment on her look she thought "Would it kill her to act like a normal person? Or perhaps I took the sexy vampire thing too far?"

She said excitedly "A powerful health magic sustaining focus... I personally avoid external aids to magic. It feels like a shortcut to me. I guess there is no harm if I use it for you, the thing is so powerful that I only recently managed to attune it. It was not easy, I had to open myself for more mana than I ever could channel before. It is a strange experience... "

She tried to focus and said "I promised that I'll find a way to augment you long-term, make you beautiful or whatever you truly desire. This is the real deal, I can cast a spell and sustain it indefinitely through this device.  What if you could be super attractive all the time rather than just for a few hours? Or if I sharpen your senses, or... You get the picture. Professionally speaking,  considering you'll be piloting James - the spell would not even be very visible."
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bnc gawks, stunned.
"You ... you must be kidding!"
She reaches for Anna's hand, squeezes it, then suddenly turns to sit in a chair, as if feeling dizzy.
"Why? Just ... why?"
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Anna looked at bnc in the eyes "I did come with you to Munich in the winter, and I could have gone somewhere with palm trees and golden beaches" She paused and grinned as if imagining the scene. Then she continued "I like you so I wanted to give you something special. You showed a genuine desire to explore these possibilities, and I want you to be happy, so I made an effort."
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"But ... but why? It's not like I have been actually nice to you."
bnc is absolutely off-balance.
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Anna cast the improve charisma spell on herself, magically augmenting herself into breathtaking levels. Anna was already head-turning without the spell, but its subtle effects made her presence somewhat awe-inspiring. The casting only took a moment and was done with a small hand gesture.

She approached bnc, and said softly "There is fire between us, I don't get it with most people."  She took the ring and suggested "Now shall I put this ring to good use? Give me your hand."
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bnc is astonished, and on the verge of breaking into tears.
"But ... I ... I never treated you this way. How ... jeez, would you turn off that spell for a second. It's a real mind-fuck. I don't know what is you and what is your spell anymore."
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Anna replied "If you insist..." she dropped the spell, and then asked "What is the matter bnc, is there something you want to tell me? I hoped you'll be happier."
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"I ... I am. This is a dream. I'm just overwhelmed, and I ... I have been such an asshole, and you keep doing stuff like this ... same with Krestov. Why ... Why do people react like this? I mean, any sane person would protect themselves from me. I ... you heard that Kayuza, or whatever his fragging name was. I'm an abuser. He's right. I am.
How can you want to make me happy?"
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She shrugged "Let's keep a few things clear bnc, yes you are sometimes an asshole, and you often behave poorly. I am a very stable person. Part of it is how I grew up, and another part is a discipline I learn as I become more proficient with building complex mental structures to cast spells.  The only time when you really got to me is when you called me a whore, try not to do it. Sexuality is delicate for me, despite what you imagine about me. So you misbehave but it is difficult to offend me with random insults. As you pointed out, this behavior is more about you and how messed up your emotions are than it is about me.

I started this new life, and we earned like crazy money together. I am not going back to renting my spells for pocket money. This is an exciting and intense job and I feel like I need someone that I can share it with and talk freely to.I do not feel like I formed any real connection with the other runners in our previous team. So I want you to be there for me and listen, I want someone to really talk with and share experiences with. I think that you need the same thing, but I won't presume to understand you.  You have so many emotions, and they often manifest unexpectedly.

In any case, regardless of all the rationalizations. It is fun to have you passionate about something that I can relate to. "

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bnc stands, blinking away a tear that finds its way down her cheek. It's easy to tell that she's touched, not sad. Overwhelmed, maybe frustrated at her incapability of understanding what's going on, but in her eyes there is this glimmer you can only find in happy children on Christmas Eve, or old man who reunite with a loved person after a long time. A glimmer Anna is sure that bnc had lost for many, many, many years.
She takes Anna's hand and pushes her fingers between hers, then pulls herself close to Anna. She lifts her head a bit, then, for a split-second, bites her lower lip in what Anna has learned a very bnc-ish fashion before she gives Anna a very soft, yet entended kiss. A single tear rolls down her other eye and wets Anna's cheek.
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Anna is surprised by bnc's response as she felt that the young decker was uninterested before. Perhaps not contacting her for a month was a razor sharp way to declare the nature of their relationship... and Anna did have a boyfriend. Yet, despite it she finds herself receptive to the gesture. She holds bnc's hand and returns her kiss. Anna closes her eyes to focus on the expirience, and seem somewhat uncharceristically peaceful. She does not want the expirience to end.

"So weak... You have a boyfriend" a thought, she shakes it off, and then she notices the tear on her check.
"I usually don't make her wet in this particular manner, perhaps she is for real?"

When she opens her eyes she seems happy, or happier "Where did THAT come from?"... she asks in amazement.
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"I don't know..." she responds, smiling a warm smile, not so much tainted but completed by the trails of tears that run through her make-up. She slowly withdraws and shrugs slightly. Already, her bnc facade is building up again. "Guess I just wanted to say thank you"
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Anna grins "You should thank me more often... It feels nice." She is silent and then says "Let's fix your makeup and put this ring to good use, shall we?"
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She smiles, slowly regaining both composure and an awareness of how she must appear.
"Yeah ... let's do that. Oh, my ... I'm ... sorry?"
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"What are you sorry about?" she asks surprised, while making bnc's face appear flawless again.
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"making a fuss. Losing my composure. Again. You're bad influence," she says, but with a smile.
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"Well, I plan to influence you a lot more tonight... So be careful" she answered grinning back at bnc.  Anna was bit perplexed as to how bnc would blend with her boyfriend Mark and his pack, but perhaps she'd even have more communication with them than Anna herself, whose German was limited to small-talk. Once done, she cast the improve charisma for bnc, using the ring, which she placed on a thin necklace on herself.

"Sadly, I need to be in contact with the focus for it to work, so I am not giving you the ring. Not that it is your style anyhow."

OOC: She'll just buy her 4 hits for the improve charisma spell to take maximal effect, and then augment herself as usual.
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"Jeez, let's see in what way, then."
She smirks, closes her eyes and enjoys that subtle tingling sensation of the mana working in and through her. Magic was like drugs: You can describe them scientifically, you can understand them and what they do ... but once you're experiencing them, it's a different thing entirely.
And they are both addictive.

"bnc glances in the mirror, savioring for a moment what she sees. She's still her but ... she feels oh so different. Like another person, only herself. Without flaws. Without all those insecurities. She then turns to Anna and gasps.
"Wow", she says. "You truly are the vampire queen. Take care to be selective, or otherwise you'll have to go through a gangbang tonight. Everyone with a dick is going to want to have you tonight."
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Anna looks at bnc and says, "I'll take it as a compliment, but would you say that my charm is limited to dicks...?" She asks and takes a seductive step toward bnc, touching her cheek with her hand. "You look kind of hot yourself, I bet you could slot most of the hot guys. Just be confident about it."
Anna seems perplexed as if conflicted between her emotions and desires when she finally mentions "There is my boyfriend Mark, I doubt many guys would approach me when I am with him. He does not strike me as the sharing type. At least not with other guys... "
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# please kindly roll a CHA+Con to determine how seductive Anna is atm. You get
 - +2 (friendly)
 - +1 (advantageous for me)
I roll the opposed test in CHA (6) + Con (4): Con ( 10d6t5 3
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#Apparently she is very seductive ;) with a social limit of 12 (improve charisma and clothing) she keeps all the hits.  Con ( 19d6t5 10
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# holy shit! 7 net hits is something

bnc, still tossed around by emotions too big for her, trembles slightly as Anna touches her cheek in a way she has seldomly been touched before. She lays a hand on Anna's to prevent her from withdrawing it, and moves a bit closer to her herself.
"I'd say, little vampire queen, let's find out how jealous we can make your big tusker prick."
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#Where is this dice luck when we are fighting for our life.

Anna places her second hand on bnc's cheek and then leans forward and kisses her slowly, intently and passionately. She embraces the young decker, and when they finally break the kiss she says in a bit of a gasping voice "We are not leaving my apartment... are we?"
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# did you receive my PM?
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#Yes I did and responded.