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Quarantine project


Hey all, completely new to Shadowrun, as I've only ever played DnD. Turns out, when I decide to try out another system, I pick up Shadowrun 6ed and apparently there are huge problems with it.

Never the less, the world goes crazy, and we have to self-isolate for who knows how long. I decided I would take the extra time in isolation to learn a new programming language. The project I decided to try out was a Shadowrun 6ed character generator, to help my group out with learning a new system from scratch.

As I am new, I haven't really been a part of the community at all, but I did want to know if this is the correct place to link to my personal project, or is that frowned upon on these forums?

Anway, anyone learning a new coding language? Mine was Vue.js btw. I've been a Java programmer for years, but never dipped my foot into the Javascript pool until now.

Go for it!

Sweet! The url is

Fully usable without a login, but atm a few things missing.

Nice job!

Really love your efford and hope you will finish the project soon :)

Awesome Project! Keep us updated please  ;D


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