Cyber zombies in 5th edition

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I can see that there has been some posts regarding this before. Instead of doing some nefarious (fitting though) necromancy, I'll start a new thread.

Im looking into porting the 4th ed CZ rules into this edition. Some of the things would be easily doable, while others would need some tweaking.

Old edition cyber zombies had these perks and drawbacks:
Essence minimum close to -6
Immunity to aging
Magic rating 1
Dual natured
Increased lifestyle cost +2k nuyen
Fatal flaws intuition +willpower (1) test each month or gain negative qualities worth 5 bp. The treshhold is increased by one for each year in service, or missed medication.
Astral hazing extended in meters of negative essence
Natural and augmented maximums increased by negative essence score
Immunity to normal weapons by double negative essence score.

Now furthermore the cyberzombie would start its existince with a number of extra flaws, depending on its negative essence score and its intuition+willpower roll.

Ok all well and good, this is what I envision for them in 5th edition.
Essence minimum close to -6
Immunity to age
Magic rating 1, and no adept or mage powers
Dual natured
Increased lifestyle cost 2k ( or maybe 1k per full point of negative essence?)
Fatal flaws as normal
Astral hazing from run faster, except its measured in negative essence and the cyber zombie is aspected to the domain (otherwise it would suffer -3 to all rolls because its dual natured :/ )
Physical limit increased by negative essence score ( i dont think the old one made a lot of sense)
Immunity to normal weapons 2 of each full negative essence point. (To make it even stronger have  AP deducted from normal armour first?).
 Maybe for each point of essence below 0 the CZ gains another 10 karma worth of negative qualites.
Its social limit will likely be horrible, so maybe its increased by negative essence score- but only for intimidate checks.

How does this sound?

Ps: and yes I will be making a jarhead post as well
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