Shadowrun Storylines Adjusted for Other Systems?

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I don't know about y'all, but I don't have any friends in my area who play Shadowrun.  All of mine play homebrew, Dark Heresy (I GM), Pathfinder or D&D, with a couple short jumps into other systems in one-shots.  Few of them are particularly interested in Shadowrun. omegle discord xender

A thought popped into my head the other day when I was perusing my old Shadowrun books (and saw the best Shadowrun campaigns thread).  The Universal Brotherhood storyline, the Arcology Shutdown, the Year of the Comet/Winternight...  All of these are phenomenal campaigns with depth and...  That special something you get when a story just jives.  That said, I can't get my friends to try them, because they aren't interested in Shadowrun.

So, if I can't bring the players to Shadowrun, maybe I can bring Shadowrun to the players?  I'm working on a translation of the Universal Brotherhood plot-line to D&D right now, since that section of friends/gamers is the most open to new storylines right now.

My current plan involves building the framework for a dystopic fantasy city, a rather large metropolis with some massive problems with slums.  All (or almost all) of the characters will be living in this area, whether they were born there, immigrated, etc.
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I've heard of people frequently using Savage Worlds to run Shadowrun games, but I imagine that would take a fair amount of work. If your players are interested in using the newest D&D system, give Carbon 2185 a look; it's cyberpunk D&D. You might be able to interest them in cyberpunk that way, and then make the hop over to Shadowrun later on if they like the cyberpunk genre.


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I think this will require a lot of effort. If your players want to use the latest D&D plan, see Carbon 2185; this is cyberpunk D&D. Thanks for replies.
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I had an idea once for a time-skipping campaign where the players start in an epic fantasy city (ŕ la Greyhawk, Waterdeep, Lankhmar, Sanctuary, etc.). The first adventure is to find and destroy a sacred relic that supposedly protects the city ... at which point, they get cursed by a god to take its place — as long as the city endures, they can't die, but they can never leave it either (think New Amsterdam, Forever, The Old Guard). [Side note: Cursed PCs will recover from any wound, even normally fatal ones, but they do so at ordinary speed — no one wants to get buried alive, blown up, or burned at the stake, right?] Subsequent adventures involve defending the city against various existential threats. Each new adventure would fast-forward a few generations to take place in a new fantasy era, introducing scientific and cultural shifts (compare Shadow and Bone, Carnival Row, His Dark Materials, Bright), eventually catching up to the present day and past it to a Shadowrun-like future, maybe beyond.

Anyway, this could be one way to bring die-hard fantasy gamers into magic-cyberpunk — in slow, easy stages. You might have to improvise a lot of evolving mechanics along the way, but if players start to get excited about the next "leap," it might be easier to sell them on a regular Shadowrun campaign later.