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Title: 8 edge chase pool?
Post by: Redwulfe on <01-17-22/0025:40>
I was noticing that one of the Chase Edge Actions in Double Clutch required the use of 8 Edge, Evade Pursuit specifically. Looking at the rules for Chase pool it does allow you to have more than 7 Edge but it does not allow you to go above the rating of the pool. According to the book this is set by the Rating of your Control Rig or "the rating/level/net hits of any augmentation, adept power, or spell that boosts your Reaction"

The question is this before the augmentation max is applied? so if you rolled really good on your Attribute boost power, 8 hits, your hits set the Chase Pool Rating and then your reaction only goes up 4 since you can't go above that or is it capped at 4?

If it is capped at 4 then how do you get a Chase Pool Rating above 4? Was it supposed to be Control Rig + Reaction enhancement, so like a maximum of 7? Do riggers need to have Reaction Enhancers 4, Wired reflexes 4 to get the Chase Pool Rating of 8 and then once again only get a +4 to their Reaction Attribute?

Sorry for so many questions I was just curious how this worked. Obviously they intended for you to get above 4 but I don't know if it was due to adding Control rig to Reaction enhancers and/or just count everything before applying the Augmentation Max.
Title: Re: 8 edge chase pool?
Post by: MercilessMing on <01-18-22/1126:46>
The Chase Pool is an extension of the character's own Edge pool.  To make an 8+ edge expenditure, a character would spend a combination of points from the Chase pool and their own Edge pool.   Make sense?

Chase pool size is based on Control Rig OR Reaction augmentation size, so its regular max size is going to be 4 since augs are capped at +4.  However, the chase pool itself is not an attribute or skill, so its size is not capped at 4.  If you have an ability that increases the size of your chase pool, it will be in addition to the normal size of the pool.

Title: Re: 8 edge chase pool?
Post by: Redwulfe on <01-19-22/0208:37>
Makes complete sense. When I read your response it suddenly seemed obvious to me. Lol