Chernobyl in 2075

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« on: (17:13:47/09-16-17) »
So, I have two projects related to Chernobyl right now. I'm only going to talk about one, the mission based one, and NOT my paper on Chernobyl.
    Any how, what would it be like? I imagine that they could have cleaned it up by the modern day of 5th edition, but if they didn't it would be full of heavily mutated creatures (not unlike some of the other terrifying things we already have in 2075) and toxic spirits. The Chernobyl Disaster happened before the awakening, so I unfortunately cant re-write what all happened from the reactor explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. And maybe I don't want to - it would be a perfect place for my players to go looking for something important like a magic item or maybe collect samples of the fading and/or flourishing "life" within Chernobyl for their slightly crazy Mr. Johnson. OR, maybe, there's already lore around this area I'm not aware of - in which case I would appreciate the tip towards it.

Otherwise if anyone already has personal lore built around this I would really appreciate a spot at that table of conversation :)
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« Reply #1 on: (13:17:56/09-21-18) »
Play some of the stalker series imo.  It always felt slightly shadowrun esk to me.
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« Reply #2 on: (13:31:03/09-21-18) »
From what I understand, the area around Chernobyl is brimming with life, and no, not the two headed kind.

There are multiple documentaries out there about Chernobyl and area around it. (I recommend 'Wolves of Chernobyl'. A great Doc about the resurgence of Grey Wolves around Chernobyl, and how they are flourishing under a non-human environment.

From a SR perspective, I only know of a few mentions of Chernobyl in SR lore, and they contradict each other.

One stated its still has a huge BGC due to the radiation in the area (2e)

One stated it was a confirmed nest for Shadow Spirits.. (3e) 
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« Reply #3 on: (14:30:39/09-21-18) »
Chernobyl might be fine if we went by how it is going right now, irradiated still.  But for SR, "Wormwood" might be like the Cheeki Breeki nonsense of STALKER or Metro.  Just so much ambient "shenanigans".
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