Newbie questions on Neo-Tokyo

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Hi all,

Newbie here (well, semi-newbie, played a little 2e way, way back).  Just had a great time with the 8-1 Mission at Gencon, but I'm not likely to get a chance to play again until Gencon next year.  Which means it sounds like my next mission will be in Neo-Tokyo!

We did a character generation session to design our characters, but our guide was aiming at helping us get characters ready for Chicago.  It sounds like there's some differences: Neo-Tokyo will presumably offer more opportunities for deckers.  I get the sense that weapon legality is also going to be a bigger deal (I'm seeing that blades are across-the-board legal, but guns are across-the-board illegal?  So should cybernetic weapons or holdout weapons be the only firearms I expect to be able to use?).  Any other big differences?  Thoughts on how the setting change might affect character builds?


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Your best source for Neo-Tokyo is SR4 Corporate Enclaves (pp.56-111).

From "The Right to Bear Arms" on p.85:
"Japanese citizens are forbidden to privately own firearms; only the police, the military, and megacorporate security have such privileges, and even they rarely wear firearms. However, in the interests of public safety, adults may bear any form of bladed weapon so long as it is not concealed (this includes cyberimplant weapons)."