Upcoming Shadowrun releases

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Not to mention a Karmagen System (or pretty much any alternative Chargen system, because it canīt get really worse than 6th Edition Prio table...)

I wouldn't even mind a priority system where all possible combinations ended up in relatively the same total karma field. As it is though, it's possible for two characters out of chargen to have an immense total karma disparity, which is nonsense for game balance.
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But then there is the whole argument against prio system (in general) to begin with. Using one set of advancement rules for chargen and another totally different set of rules post chargen will always inherently be troublesome I think :-(

Lots of games have a flat chargen cost with an increasing post-gen cost advancement set up.  But Shadowrun is the biggest jump in costs that I've played.  1 Point in chargen to raise an attribute from 4 to 5?  Or 50 Karma, which is 7+ runs worth of Karma.  The math pushes a player very strongly to max out one thing before starting an investment in another.

One suggestion, change skill advancement to 5 plus what you're going to, and (non-Magic) Attribute advancement to 10 plus, say double what you're going to.  Much less mathematical incentive to Max out a thing before buying the next thing.  Still going to be the most optimal way, but much less of a Karma difference compared to multiple moderate investments currently.

There are a lot of other ways to handle it.  But flatting out the advancement curve in a way that favors mundane characters is my preference.  YMMV.


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Well put. IMO, linear costs and progressive costs are both valid options: The first is simpler, the second leads to less min-maxing and more rounded characters.

But using linear costs for Chargen (Attribute and Skill points from the Priority table) and then switching to progressively rising Karma costs after chargen - or rather, during the last step of chargen - taxes the players for not going as narrow as possible right from the start. And later during play, no real progression is made because the main dice pools are already maxed out (or super expensive to advance) and everyone is just pushing up a few side skills. And thatīs an issue even without the wonky priorities of 6th Edition.

Not to mention that it would be just simpler to use the same system for chargen and advancement...
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I think this is just one of those areas where Shadowrun players have convinced themselves it's how Shadowrun is supposed to be.