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Errors I noticed on quick browse:

- Pop-Out Concealment: Section detailing this weapon mount modification is incorrectly in the Mechanical Arms chapter instead of the Weapon Mount Concealment chapter.

- None of the drones/vehicles appear to have legality ratings.

- What is a "Core Mod Slot"? (p124, Additional Hardpoints) Is this intended to be "Chassis Mod Slot"?

- Gun Ports have a "Rating" of 0.5. Is this intended to mean a Mod Slot cost of 0.5? Or maybe a CF cost of 0.5 would make more sense, as gun ports really wouldn't have that much effect on the structure but definately would affect passenger space.

- [p38] Ferrari Appaloosa is noted as having 5 turreted heavy weapon hardpoints, but the statblock has only 1 heavy weapon turret and 2 standard weapon hardpoints.

- [p42] Thundercloud Morgan noted as having a heavy weapon turret, but statblock lists only a standard.

- [p44] BMW Super Bug is described as driving up walls and even across ceilings, but statblock does not include Gecko Grip mod.

- [p75] Goodyear Commuter-47 LTA is noted as being difficult to mod, but this is not reflected in the statblock.

- Inconsistant use of "VTOL" and "Rotorcraft". Some rotorcraft are labeled Rotorcraft. Some described as using rotors are labeled VTOL. Others are labeled VTOL but do not otherwise indicate what sort of drive system they use.

-[p95] Vulcan Systems Utility-One drone has no price.

- [p111] Hawker-Siddley Rescue Harrier is noted as being a Medevac unit for recovering injured metahumans, but statblock does not mention any Medevac mods.

-[p138-139] SunCell missing stat block.

-[p117] "Prize" should be "price" in the sentence, "A servant for everyone? Not at that prize. This is just another rich person’s toy."

-[p147] Expanded Ammo Bins dialogue is in the chapter for Drones, rather than the Weapon Mount chapter preceding.

-[p172] Specialist: sentence ending with "less good at other things," ends with a comma instead of a period.

Will update post as I find more.

Michael Chandra:

--- Quote from: KarmaInferno on ---- None of the drones/vehicles appear to have legality ratings.

--- End quote ---
To be fair, that's consistent with CRB also having them all as legal.

Table of Contents:
Attribute Mastery is a subheading when it should be a line item

pg 167 Affinity for Transit (Source) - What is a  "Persuasion" test? 

Oh, also, Chase Combat handwaves what your actual Speed is.  However, in order to calculate a Crash, you need to know it in m/ct.  Didn't see any special rules on picking what that speed is in Chase Combat, leaving another rules gap for the GM to wing and negotiate on the fly.  Not hard to work out, just establish at the outset "about how fast" the chase speeds are in KPH/MPH.  Just something else that's not present even in the form of advice. 

Does the Ďridesí deck that has just come out have more pics or just reproducing those in the core and Double Clutch? Donít mind paying a bit for flavour art but wonít bother if itís all the same!!


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