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Just wondering what everyones opinion is about jack jockey combined with resonance wires…seems broken to some extent. (Or in combination with skin/auralink)

Jack jockey is very rewarding but the physical proximity requirement also often come with increased risk (and to mitigate that risk perhaps you need to also invest into Stealth and Agility or Con and Charisma; Which make it a great quality for physical infiltrators and/or social infiltrators, that happen to also be hackers).

Jack jockey with resonance wires is a really good idea. I think it is worthwhile to invest in. Nothing broken about it though.

Well, ignoring PAN and Host ratings when attacking or controlling devices is pretty powerful (borderline broken). The only balancing factor here is the physical proximity (but if you plan to do most of your hacking together with the team anyway then....)

Jack jockey, when combined with other things, is broken.  In a vacuum without other things... it's fine-ish.  As Xenon says, you're still risking detection by getting physical access.  But their are other ways to get Direct Access now, including a couple ranged options.  That's what breaks it, IMO.


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