[Online] [5e] [UTC +2] New player looking for long term group/campaign

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« on: <01-10-22/1806:01> »
As my username professes, I am Zharthalus, I'm 20 and I've been actively playing tabletop games since 2017 and have experience with D&D 5e, Pathfinder 1e, VtM/WtA 20th, Star Wars: Saga Edition and Eclipse Phase 2e. I've recently become captivated with the unique blend of cyberpunk and fantasy that Shadowrun offers, and have become thoroughly interested in participating in a Shadowrun 5e campaign, since it is the most modern yet still content-rich variety of the system. I'm available on all days of any given week except Friday, as I am GM to another group.

If it becomes relevant for groups that are looking to fill in roles, Iím hoping to play an Elf physical infiltrator which I have created in concept only, specifically aiming to involve my character in a B&E/wetworking role.

While I am looking to play, I do have some requests and limitations as to what Iím expecting, to start:
1. No utilising forum errata, while Iím sure it Ďfixesí the game a great bunch, Iíd rather not have to crawl through forum threads or dedicate my memory to things that arenít directly present in the books, the rules as written originally are my singular preference. (House rules are acceptable, as long as the game remains recognisably similar to the original)
2. Iím not interested in participating in groups where one, several or all of the members engage in any of the following behaviours: racism, sexual harassment, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and general bigotry.
3. No combative GMíing, Iím not interested in playing within tables thatíll pretty much play out like a glorified PvP game where everything that can possibly go wrong for the player characters does so simply to suit the sadistic whims of the GM.
4. Usage of Discord and Roll20, Foundry is a possibility but I will most assuredly not utilise face cam.
5. No in-depth descriptions of arachnids, at all, please :).

If that is all acceptable and you'd be interested in having a new to Shadowrun player in your games, send me a PM on the forums. I'll provide contact information for Discord in private only.